Anybody know what " hyperovulation" is???

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by dharmaseeker77, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. dharmaseeker77

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    I recall reading about this on here in response to someones question about the pill and getting pregnant. My question is. What is it in relation to stopping the pill? is it the same as when you are on fertility drugs and you have multiples? or as it applies to coming off of the pill does it mean you simply ovulate more than once in a cycle? I am pregnant. Got pregnant within less than 2 weeks of stopping the pill. I keep hearing about this but can't get a straight answer. I have asked on several parenting and pregnancy boards but I am only getting clomid related answers. I am not sure if that is the same as when you stop taking the pill or not. Does anybody know an answer to this?

    Thank you!
  2. Yeah, you're's when you stop taking the pill and you "hyperovulate" because your body is trying to get itself back in the swing of things.

  3. Maggie Sugar

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    Not every womyn will "hyperovulate" when coming off the Pill. Some womyn will ovulate more than once a month, others will ripen more than one egg, and drop two or more at the same moment, but most will just do what they did before, one egg per cycle.

    Clomid and the BC pill are differnt (one stops ovualation the other causes it) but in some cases some womyn will hyperovulate after the Pill. Most have only one baby at a time, though.

    Many womyn get pregnant right after the Pill. If you are worried about multiples, your doctor can do an ultrasound to see how many embryos there are. This is not alwayws 100 per cent accurate, but it can give you an idea.

    Congradulations on your pregnancy. The vast majority of womyn who get preg right after the pill have only one baby at a time.

  4. dharmaseeker77

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    Thank you Maggie! Whew...I am fine with the baby but not with having more than one really...I think..LOL anyway..Thank you so so much.
  5. robynm

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    not sure if you wondered this or not, but hyperovulation is hereditary as well. it is the hormone/gene that produces identical twins. so if twins run in your family, chances are you have it too. just in case you wondered.
  6. megamegan

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    Hang on, this is not true-there's no hereditary link with identical twins, but there is with fraternal twins. I've been researching this heavily, since I've just come off the pill, I'm hoping to get pregnant and I'm a twin, with twins in the family. In all my searching, I haven't heard about coming off the pill being related to having twins. I kinda doubt that the pill would have the same effect as fertility drug in that case, since the hormones involved are different.
    It seems hyperovulation is just a term that describes when you produce more than one egg per cycle, and there seems to be a hereditary link with hyperovulation. but, you could also hyperovulate by chance, or if you're on fertility drugs, without the genetics. apparently your chances of hyperovulating increase with age, especially over 30, which is why your chances of having twins is higher when you're over'd need to hyperovulate to have fraternal twins, and most twins are fraternal.
    Hope that helps!

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