Anybody have fun at SCI for NYE??

Discussion in 'Events and Festivals' started by ColoradoKind, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. ColoradoKind

    ColoradoKind Member

    Cause I sure as hell did...what a run!!!!! zilla tore it up too at B.B. King's but the highlight and the reason was undoubtedly CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. SCI was the shit :) I will be going back if they do another New Year's Show in New York. They did a killer show and the place was awesome
  3. ColoradoKind

    ColoradoKind Member

    no doubt....that maybe my NYE plans forever!!!! if they play a west coast tour and panic doesn't...i might be following the CO folk around this summer
  4. I had an awesome awesome awesome time. I couldn't make it out to the 2 madison square shows, but I caught Zilla at the B. B. King too which was sweet and Cheese....well, I can't think of anything I would have been rather been doing on New Years Eve. Tried to get in to the B. B. King after Cheese to see Mike...but no luck with tickets unfortunately. I had an amazing time, and I realized that New York is simply an insane city. :)
  5. ColoradoKind

    ColoradoKind Member

    Oh man that Zilla show was unbelievable too!!! Mama Sutra rockin the hula hoop and not to mention Lively up yourself....SICK!!!!!!!
  6. Ya I got some pics of Mamasutra doing her thing at Zilla. She's pretty damn good at that hoop.

    Ah and you're from Greeley...nice to see another colorado folk. I'll probably see you at shows sometime
  7. Dude, You are right on. New York is a crazy place. I am glad I don't live there. Nice place to visit though, to party down. =)
  8. drbeaker

    drbeaker Member

    Anyone know where I can find a setlist for those shows?
  9. TreePhiend

    TreePhiend Member

    No dobut that show was the shit! They played so many of my all time favorite songs.

    You can find SCI setlists at

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