Anybody ever try this LSD recipe?

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by boxthorn, Apr 28, 2013.

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    That bread mold is called ergot posion or some thing close to that . i have heard it is what the made the girls in the 1600 s do strange things and lead to the Saleom MA witch craft trials . You are on your own .
  3. I didn't even read the recipe, but no, it will not work. LSD synthesis is much more in depth than a clandestine experiment; it would require very hard to obtain precursors as well as a VERY in depth understanding of organic chemistry, better, a degree in organic chemistry. Further, obtaining ergot is just the tip of the iceburg. There's a reason it can be tricky to track down. I'd recommend not taking too much of that book to heart, save for maybe survival skills, if those are in there, dunno haven't read any of it.
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    Well, for one thing Hofmann did not "accidentally" make LSD by growing some moldy bread. It is a process of many synthetic chemical reactions to the natural ergotamine chemical structure.

    Secondly, as a rule of thumb, when the guy making your acid spells "Penicillin" as "PENNICILLAN", "ensue" as "insue", "gangrene" as "gengrene" etc., you can often disregard the recipe.
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    Well, either way, I guess it won't happen. I'm not even able to put this recipe together. BUT it was worth the thought.
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    Anyone who could make LSD would not need to ask strangers on the internet what works. They are the type that would take one look at a recipe and know.

    It would be great if the amateur could cook it in the kitchen but it's not like that. This is more what you need to do OP, allot more complex.
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    fucking LOLED at that. just imagined TNS and I derping it up whipping up a nice fresh batch of lucy.
  9. eatlysergicacid

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    That was the most misinformed web page I've read today.

    I lol'd at "hawaiian rosewood"

    Edit: This site is actually fucking hilarious. This guy must think VERY highly about his knowledge about LSD:rolleyes:

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