any woodstock festivals in the future?

Discussion in 'Music' started by groovy41, May 28, 2004.

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    Hey there. I know this seems kind of like old news, I guess there were talks about a woodstock2004, I remember the one in 99 I was watching it on tv, pretty wild towards the end, still have the tapes to this day, plus the shirt. I was wondering what did you think about that? I did read something it mentioned that Michael Lang said it would have to wait for a while since this last one was only five years ago. Have a good day! Keep on rockin!
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    I don't think there will be any more Woodstocks - it's best if there isn't. But there are many Woodstock-like festivals. Hopefully, you'll be able to go to one of them.
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    In 2069 there going to be a woodstock. And every hippi are going to be there with again 3 days of Love and Peace. But in that time ill be a old fucker. Ill be like 75 but ill still go.
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    Why should there be? Woodstock is dead and the new generation killed it.

    The original woodstock was peace love and happiness, a celebration.
    The second was okay, but it was just a rock concert.

    The 1999 one was a disgusting display of corporate pandering and the new generation having no respect for what the original festival promoted.

    Rapings, destruction, a mass riot causing all out carnage? What the fuck is that?! That's not what the original woodstock was all about.

    I saw that documentary about the festival and they showed how a large concert celebrating music turned into a corporate parade of advertisements, over priced products, and disrespect.

    At one point they showed a guy at a video game booth. They said that he was there for four hours playing games not even paying attention to the concert. I mean, why go to a concert if you're going to play video games there? Sit your fat ass home for that.

    The 1999 concert with the "Woodstock" title was a disgrace and I hope they don't do another concert.
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    The 1999 Woodstock showed just what it has come to, you can't go back and we should all realize that by now. It was a digusting display of youth gone mad or being mad and I did not understand why they would mare the name of such an awesome beautiful event in our music history. But that was then and this is now, we created our enviroment and raised our children in this manner so what do we expect? I for one would not want to have a show with the name Woodstock labled on it, it doesn't mean the same now. Peace In Music, CalJam..
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    That's it. Although I haven't been there (I plan to travel there in 2009) I think the Woodstock Reunion at Yasgur farm is the event wich transports the atmosphere of the old days best
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    I was starting to see hope in Bonnaroo, but then Clear Channel came and killed that with their overtly dramatic ticket prices. :eek:

    And, yes, definitely with the horror of Woodstock '99, I think the name Woodstock should be put to rest. :(

    But that doesn't mean, that we can't try to have that kind of festival again. It's always possible, if we can find enough like-minded people in this mixed-up muggled-up shook-up world, to get this thing going.

    Maybe we can try to get something going for the 40th anniversary, but we should call it Woodstock. That would be just another party ruiner, but we gotta find another place that can serve just as good a purpose. :)


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