Any Psychedelic Auction Houses ?

Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by Pedro@Cambridge, Dec 14, 2019.

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    Greetings to all. I just signed up to this forum. This is my first post.

    I am hoping to get some opinions on auction houses that accept or specialize in psychedelic historical memorabilia. I am familiar with ebay, but was thinking that there must be other options. I live in New Enland
    but will consider going outside that area to meet with a knowledgeable specialist. Any information would be appreciated. :grinning:
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    I don't know about auction Specialists but we have a sale Section right here on our website what do you have? Are you willing to tell us? Maybe we want to buy it :)
  3. Pedro@Cambridge

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    Below is some information I included as provenance on my ebay listings regarding my dear Uncle Peter. We are taking a break from ebay as we try to get a handle on what we do have. For years he worked with all of the major players at Harvard University. It was Lisa Bieberman who nicknamed him Pedro. We have a card from her saying "You are my favorite earthling". When Lisa wrote the book "Phanerothyme" she dedicated it to Peter John. "Acknowledgement of Peter John and Lisa Bieberman made by Robert H. Barriger, author of the article, "The Regulation of Psychedelic Drugs" from the Psychedelic Review 1964, Vol. 1, No. 4 page 430; "I am especially indebted to Peter H. John, Managing Editor of the Psychedelic Review, and also to Miss. Lisa Bieberman, for providing a wealth of information relating to psychedelic drugs." .

    "Many of the items being offered are from the archives of the Rev. Peter H. John who passed away last year at the age of 91. Rev. John was the managing editor for the Psychedelic Review at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts in the 1960's. He was also secretary and point man for the International Foundation for Internal Freedom (IFIF). He was at the forefront of LSD research at Harvard University. Reverend John was a Methodist Minister for many years. His diversified interests with the ability to archive almost everything that came across his desk, leaves us with a vast amount of very interesting items."

    Uncle Peter was very close with Timothy Leary. We do have an invitation to his wedding. He visited with Leary at his bedside in California before he passed away. We have hundreds of letters from all of the key players.

    I was honored when asked to be a pallbearer at his funeral.

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