Any North Carolina peeps out there ??

Discussion in 'North and South Carolina' started by hippietoad, May 8, 2004.

  1. hippietoad

    hippietoad Member

    I'm on the Outer Banks, how about everyone else ?
    To bad we lost our old thread.
  2. ohjinn

    ohjinn Member

    hi neighbor..:)
  3. i used to live in wilmington nc, but now im here in florida.
    Hello to you anyhow!
  4. HappyHaHaGirl

    HappyHaHaGirl *HipForums Princess*

    I've been wanting to move to North Carolina. I can't get my shit together and do it, though. I did take a trip to Cherokee last month. Talk about was beautiful. :)
  5. FunkyPhreshMama

    FunkyPhreshMama Visitor

    i live in hope mills NC right down the road from rALEiGh!! want to move to boone or asheville in 5 years or so. gotta get my shyt together first.
  6. gonzo

    gonzo Member

    Yep... livin just north of Raleigh... Good to see NC being represented :)
  7. FunkyPhreshMama

    FunkyPhreshMama Visitor

    who wants to meet up at the dead show in raleigh in august!! maybe we can have a lil party in the parking lot before the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hit me up if you wanna meet up, you can im me on aim
    or email me
  8. eccofarmer

    eccofarmer Member


    I inrolled for massage school in asheville for fall classes.I have herd boone cool to .Between the two places were is it easy to hook up with
    kynd phamily?
  9. FunkyPhreshMama

    FunkyPhreshMama Visitor

    you will find plenty a kynd pholk in both boone and asheville I hear good things about the veggie restaurantes in a*ville
    there is a small krew down here in my parts :) i don't get out much cuz it is hard work packin both the kiddies up to go out and when I take em out they are all over the place actin crazy LOL
  10. HappyHaHaGirl

    HappyHaHaGirl *HipForums Princess*

    I wanna go. :) I can make chili.
  11. makno

    makno Senior Member

    look if yer goin out that way check on me , and obligations permitting , id love go , and to help out with gas and stuff ...i got crib in chatt . but no car as yet !
  12. hippietoad

    hippietoad Member

    Hey glad to see other Tarheels :D One of these days I'd like to make it to Boone. There is an awesome vw bus campout there each year. Maybe I should just give up the day job and go :D
  13. Pablo

    Pablo Member

    im in greenville
  14. Jaque Imo

    Jaque Imo Up on The Lowdown

    I'm in Greensboro...Aka....The G-spot.
  15. MySwt1

    MySwt1 Member

    we're in high point :) oh, yeah, asheville has some great vegie restaurants...actually greensboro does too...i love the grapevine...vegie foods and awesome smoothies! party at the dead sounds fun...we're gonna try and hit there...also thinking we're doing all good as well....anyway, good to see some kynd folks from ol' NC here :)

  16. Edward G.

    Edward G. Edwardson

    Man, I'm always the only one to be in western NC (that's not Asheville at least) :p Why don't yall come over near Cherokee... :p
  17. ImmortalDissident

    ImmortalDissident Senior Member

    My ultimate destination is NC, preferably in the west. I'm so tired of sitting here on the west coast thinking about being over there... so next summer I'll be heading your way. Of course I'll probably visit this summer, but I'll be moving out there next year.
  18. FunkyPhreshMama

    FunkyPhreshMama Visitor

    i'ma be hittin up cherokee this summer, i am in raleigh right now at my mommies and i hear there may be some good veggie places here too, havent ventured out yet tho..........
  19. HappyHaHaGirl

    HappyHaHaGirl *HipForums Princess*

    I loved Cherokee...I'll go with you, if you don't make me come back home... :(
  20. hippietoad

    hippietoad Member

    Used to go to Cherokee alot as a kid. Mostly in the summer. Beautiful out there.

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