Any good indoor festivals during Spring ,Summer or Fall?

Discussion in 'Events and Festivals' started by AstroShark, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. AstroShark

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    and GO!
  2. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    I'm just wondering why one would prefer an indoor festival during summer?
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  3. AstroShark

    AstroShark Member

    I've just always preferred the indoors...I don't like heat, I don't like cold...the indoor life is for me!
  4. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    I like indoor concerts, prefer not too large halls. Better sound usually. But not indoor festivals. Well in summer at least.

    Coolest indoor festival I know and have been to is the Roadburn festival (Netherlands)
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  5. makihiko

    makihiko Official hippie since 2005

    In Edmonton Alberta, there is the "Shaw Conference Centre". It hosts raves and concerts, and is quite large, like an underground football stadium!

    That's the only thing I could think of. I don't think they do festivals, just like one day events.

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