Any good free hosting sites?

Discussion in 'Computers and The Internet' started by Lilyrayne, May 12, 2004.

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    I'm an amateur web designer. Because of my intense hatred of pop-ups, I've been using MSN groups for my personal page, which is highly stifling to my creativity. You can't do ANYTHING with those. So I want a website I can build from the ground up myself, and tinker around with. The problem is when I check out geocities and tripod, they have all those stinkin' pop ups everywhere. I guess Geocities isn't horrible, at least it's small and you can get rid of it easily, so I might go with that, but does anyone know of any other good places that can host my personal site for free without being a HUGE pain as far as ads?
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    That's who I use for my hosting; you get 250 MB of space, 250 MB of bandwidth, no pop-ups (just a small-ish banner at the top of the page), and they even allow remote-linking (so you can post stuff from your site directly into your threads). ;)
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    This site might help, it was given to me by a friend (StellaBlue) i use angelfire, but they got popups from hell, so ehhh i would look around if i was you. I switched from hipplanet to angelfire because of the lack of image linking and the nonablity to support frames, but can't complain cuz it's all free... hope that helps ~peace~
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