Any 'Good' Communist Regimes?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Jimbee68, Feb 27, 2019.

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    We're learning about Soviet Russia (think 20th century) a little bit in Russian class.

    I think the idea of communism is a beautiful one. It's the implementation of communism in government that historically has been poorly managed. I blame the a notion or necessity for "pure" communism. For example the redistribution of wealth or redistribution of resources like food - grain, corn, whatever... needs to be done with regard for the outcome; not blindly adhering to the principles of equal distribution of said resource, but rather with attention to where things are truly needed. But of course I'm no economist.
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    Capitalism allows employers to steal from employees and then avoid taxes for twenty years just like Trump. Capitalists argued against a minimum wage law in America right after the Great Depression and in every session of Congress since then. Capitalists would rather see American families surrender their home to the repo agent who works for the mortgage banker, and then starve to death on a cold sidewalk somewhere, next to the soup kitchen.
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    Soul, don't apologize. You have no need for that last sentence. What you wrote is beautiful, well thought out, makes sense, and academic. Don't cut your own self down, after You make a great statement!
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    The Hutterites, a form of Anabaptist, are communists; the Jacobins, Diggers, and Spartans, all practiced a form of Communism as did the Pythagoreans, Essenes, early Christianity, Zandiks, Taborites, and Shakers.

    Plato advocated communism.

    Currently Vietnam is doing pretty well.
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    The Kibbutz system in Israel worked real well as a form of local government. The people shared in food, housing, and care, even care for the children. The residents of Kibbutz agricultural communes learn to love each other, care for each other, and look to the future together. Israel is capitalist in many ways, but has strong foundation in communist philosophy. I think they developed this Kibbutz system after half their families were killed in German WWII camps. The parentless children needed care and the childless adults had no young ones to help them. Communism works when you consider the need a population has for social services. American Capitalism has its roots in greed and stepping on weak poor members of society. American Capitalism is built on the idea which will ruin its own money making system.
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    Try answering the question rather than posting more anti trump drivel
  7. wrat1

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    Not a great example

    News Behind the News

    he kibbutz is the ultimate icon of Israeli socialism. But the institution of the kibbutz is not economically viable. During the past few decades, kibbutzim have been kept afloat with billions of dollars in subsidies. Younger members have been abandoning them in droves. These and related problems were documented in May 1990 in Policy Studies No. 5, “The Kibbutzim and Their Debt: Policy Considerations.”

    Many kibbutzim are unable to pay suppliers, renew their supermarket inventory, buy or repair equipment, and are thus being forced to make arrangements with the banks that are their largest creditors.
  8. stormountainman

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    If you don't like what I write, try averting your eyes. or visiting a right wing website.
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  9. wrat1

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    Typical vacuous reply

    all sound and fury signifying nothing
  10. Flagme15

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    There aren't any truly communist regimes left, except for NK. They've been infused with capitalism.
    To the right wingers on here, don't confuse communism with totalitarianism.
  11. stormountainman

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    The right wing extremists who defend American abusive capitalism are always saying: (1) Government entitlements give no incentive for people to work. (2) Taxes on rich successful persons are a form of punishment for achievers. (3) Poor persons need to work and pay their own way.
    Now let's have a look at these piss poor Republican excuses. (1) if poor people got paid enough to have an incentive to return to work, one would think they would. If work does not pay enough for these poor persons who depend on entitlements, why should they work. The American capitalist system does not take into account the amount of money the poor must pay for in housing, food, insurance, and medical care. The American capitalists don't give a damn about some poor family which must walk a mile down the road to get to the food bank or soup kitchen. And the same capitalists don't want minimum wage laws which would ensure the poor people make enough to pay for housing, food, insurance, and medical care. After these basic costs, these AMERICAN families would need a cell phone so the employer could call them, gasoline and repair money for the car, paper products like diapers and TP which are not provided by Food Stamps. A fair living wage law would fix this condition. But no sir, the capitalists don't care one bit about all these concerns of ordinary AMERICANS.
    On items (2&3) The rich capitalists bitch about taxes being "punishment" of persons who achieve, but ignore the very same reasoning when poor people need enough incentive like fair living wages so they could work. Without proper taxation, the capitalists get to enjoy AMERICAN markets for free. Without minimum wage laws, If an employer tells the workers he is forced to cut their wages, because some factory in China makes red base ball caps like his for less money, well the AMERICAN worker cannot respond by any meaningful way. The capitalist would just say, "We have Employment At Will Laws. And I can fire you at will." Capitalism in that scenario says the guy with the best price for the little red base ball cap wins. Communism would say, "Not so fast. They put in the work, so they need fair housing, food, medical car and other living benefits for their work." The AMERICAN way of guaranteed minimum wage ensures OUR people would make enough when they work at that base ball cap factory. And OUR AMERICAN market should ensure our factories have a good share. The Republican capitalists like Bush and Nixon opened up trade with China and other places in the name of capitalism, then cheap Chinese products like little red ball caps and red men's neck ties flooded out market. To get back on their own financial feet and legs, AMERICAN workers need a fair living wage, good social services and benefits, and smart politicians who do not suffer from bi-polar disorder like the Republican ones we now have in the White House and Senate.
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    Your ability to absorb scholastic information is rather shallow.
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  13. stormountainman

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    Sounds just like the American multi millionaire farmers who get government handouts just because they are White, Christian, and rich, huh? Entitlements for rich capitalists in a capitalist nation, huh?
  14. wrat1

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    Certainly you are not speaking of the family farm but of the corporate factory farm that probably supplies more than 50 % of the food you buy

    Family Farms | National Institute of Food and Agriculture
    The vast majority of farms and ranches in the United States are family owned and operated. USDA classifies family farms as “any farm organized as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or family corporation. Family farms exclude farms organized as nonfamily corporations or cooperatives, as well as farms with hired managers”.

    Under this definition, the National Agricultural Statistics Service’s Census of Agriculture reported that family farms account for almost 96 percent of the 2,204,792 farms in the United States.
    • Very large family farms (101,265) gross over $500,000
    • Large family farms (86,551) gross between $250,000 and $500,000
    • Small family farms (1,925,799) gross under $250,000
    Grossing over 500K is not exactly multi millionaire territory
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    You must be using Republican Party Deep State statistics. Big ass farms in Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, and Montana are family owned but protected under legal trickery. I know of farms and ranched which are over 295 sections (square miles) because one section is 640 acres = square miles. They grow wheat and corn and make millions. The statistics you report here does not take into account all the cash they collect from oil and natural gas sales. Also, their cattle go to the sale ban when they are a year old. Each steer can fetch $1500 at the sale barn. I know two brothers who sell eggs to grocery sellers from Colorado to California. They make millions. I know two old Hippies who started an herbal tea marketing enterprise and became multi millionaires. Their farms were located in Colorado and Washington and were just small family farms. And by the way, you institute is not a government agency. It is an industry mouth piece.
  16. wrat1

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    National Agricultural Statistics Service - Wikipedia
    The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) is the statistical branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and a principal agency of the U.S. Federal Statistical System. NASS has 12 regional offices throughout the United States and Puerto Rico and a headquarters unit in Washington, D.C.. NASS conducts hundreds of surveys and issues nearly 500 national reports each year on issues including agricultural production, economics, demographics and the environment. NASS also conducts the United States Census of Agriculture every five years.
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    Then tell them to count the rich farmers in a correct way.
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    The counting of family farms has been a long time issue...we discussed it in a rural sociology seminar I took at Michigan State in 1973. By such a definition, Walmart and Johnson’s Wax would be lumped in with mom and pop grocery stores.
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    That is true.

    That is also true..... The problem is that countries who have tried, are already in turmoil and frequently the concept was born out of revolution.

    Sometimes, an affluent country actually needs more control of essential services, but it is a fine line.
    The UK has been caught in this situation on more than one occasion, particularly when our government set a criteria and private industry had to deliver.

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