Any 'Good' Communist Regimes?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Jimbee68, Feb 27, 2019.

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    NO there isn't unless of couse you are one of the few top communist in a communist country
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    Smash the system (means instate a political-legal autocracy and expel the plutocrat's, oligarch's and corporatocrat's), eat the rich (neo-(economic) liberal/neo-(economic)/neo-(economic) conservative white-market corporate capitalist's/so-called "free-market capitalist's"/"pure, un-adulterated, un-fettered, un-bridaled, un-filtered capitalism"/randian objectivist capitalist's), even liberal's/libertarians get a bullet (centrist liberal's/libertarians, centre-left marxoid/keynesian social democratic liberal/libertarian/conservative conscious/conscientious capitalist's and centre-left to left-wing/leftist progressives/so-called socialistics) and automate blue-collar industries and pension-off demobilised blue-collar's and partially-automate white-collar industries, pension-off white-collar and then democratise white-collar work-places, by paying-off the owner-and/or-organisers for their initial material-and-resource in-put, tenure and their leaving (a redundancy scheme) and offer them a career/profession/occupation as a co-owner-co-organiser-and-co-operator.

    Blue-collar's, homosexuality-and-promiscuity, organised religion, journalist's, hollyweird, cryonics/suspended animation and post-death, automation and post-capitalism and opium, the latter three are fine, but no food break's, no toilet brek's, no sleep break's, no unionising and no benefit's, no diseases and no death, but if there is a malfunction is could be repaired and if there is failure, then replaced, until self-repairing robot's and/or self-replicating robot's come into existence, it's not about job creation, it's about wealth extraction, either take a bullet or eat a bullet, in secular liberal/libertarian/conservative representative democratic capitalist republic's, big white-market favour both big businesses and medium-sized businesses, whilst in secular marxist/marxian representative democratic accelerationist post-capitalist republic's, small white-market's would permit small businesses, but an expansive state/government/public-sector would push-out the private-sector business sector, be able to determine material-and-resource allocation by trend-to-norm and stabilise prices of general good's-and-services, after 150-200 decades-and-centuries, it's pre-mature, since automation is yet to pick-up speed, but it's picking-up speed, only white-market "brick-and-mortar" small business white-collar worker co-operatives will exist, not white-market blue-collar laborer co-operatives, blue-collar's rightfully get the dick, even skilled laborers/tradespersons, they'll get the dick too, mindless-meandering dumb-and-docile yabbering/yackering/yammering yobbo's/yahoos with their boisterous bumbling babbling, dopey-and-dogmatic, no one wants to strain their arm's and legs, hand's and feet, you're born with a body, head and brain, not a mind, let the shunting-and-shafting begin.

    Curing life-threatening diseases, such as malignant, metastatic cancer, reversing aging, reversing death, automating industries, having a migration (for both immigration and emigration) policy-and-programme, having a redistributionist (at least a "virtual" basic income, that is regarded as welfare, housing, worker co-operatives) policy-and-programme, a re-productive/pro-creative/breeding/mating/sporing policy-and-programme (contraceptives, coupled with sex education, specifically comprehensive sex education, alongside a two-child policy-and-programme, which encourages to start young, have the kid's together or one right after the other and their parenting style should mirror teaching style) and mammalian protectionism (including eggless vegetarianism or just lacto-vegetarianism, which permits/allows dairy milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter, cream, honey and wool, therefore creatine would remain).

    You're going to kill/murder four bird's with one stone, by conflating/inter-changing/synonymising centre-left marxoid/keynesian social democratic liberal/libertarian/conservative conscious/conscientious capitalism or centre-left to left-wing/leftist progressivism/so-called socialistics with left-wing/leftist (classical/orthodox) marxist/marxian socialism with (classical/orthodox) marxist/marxian communism in mind or conflating/inter-changing/synonymising left-wing/leftist (classical/orthodox) marxist/marxian socialism with (classical/orthodox) marxist/marxian communism with centre-left marxoid/keynesian social democratic liberal/libertarian/conservative conscious/conscientious capitalism or centre-left to left-wing/leftist progressives/so-called socialistics, then the federal/national/unitary government of pakistan engages in a nuclear conflict-and-war with the federal/national/unitary government of india or the federal/national/unitary government of india engages in a nuclear conflict-and-war with the federal/national/unitary government of pakistan, as does the federal/national/unitary government of china and the federal/national/unitary governments of the anglo-west or the federal/national/unitary governments of the anglo-west and the federal/national/unitary government of china, the surveillance states collapses in the landmass/political geography/jurisdiction of the people's republic of china (P.R.C) and the surveillance state (s) collapses in the landmass (es)/political geography (ies)/jurisdiction (s) of the anglo-west, since the federal/national/unitary government of china is suppressing dissent in xinjiang, tibet, hong kong, macau and is suppressing both the falun gong and the zhong gong, now turning to taiwan, considered a "breakaway province", besides a civil conflict-and-war could explode with the demobilisation-and-displacement of blue-collar personalities-and-psychologies/mind-set's/mentalities/world-view's-and-values/culture's/collective consciousnesses, an automation conflict-and-war, besides reduced state/government/public-sector social-economic/socio-economic services
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    Some musings

    As I said earlier a number of what would be seen as left leaning ideas became popular in opposition to the exploitative capitalism of that time (late 18th-19th and early 20th century) in those countries passing through what was to be called the Industrial Revolution.

    These political movements and the unrest they caused (there was a wave of revolution in Europe in 1848) where suppressed by the established elites often brutally suppressed (with the army been deployed against unarmed civilians).

    But many even in those elites realised that the needs of the disadvantaged in society who flocked to the new left wing ideas had to be addressed sometimes with was for altruistic or moral reasons other times for more selfish ones (the fear that a successful revolution might end with them been the ones guillotined).

    That trend (often moving slowly or only when political unrest became intense) continued through the 19th and early 20th century especially as the Russian Revolution seem to confirm the fears of the advantaged.

    Social policies were changed (stopping child labour for example) the voting franchise was extended and rudimentary welfare provisions set up (spurred in many places by the Great Depression)

    The Marshall Plan for Europe after WWII was meant to try and stop ‘free’ Europe from turning to communism as where the integrated welfare systems that were established in most none communist European counties at that time (the UK NHS for example set up in 1948) that were often pushed for by socialist.

    The distributive systems set up after the war by left leaning political movements have been undermined by neoliberalist ideas from the 1980’s onward which coincided with the realisation of the deficiencies with Communist states like Russia. Neoliberalists felt vindicated and encouraged when the wall fell followed by soviet Russia, and the distributive system carried on been undermined, believe that left wing ideas had been vanquished.

    That idea has been undermined by 2008 and the realisation of the deficiencies of neoliberal capitalism.
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    There was a wonderful book “Platform for change” out about 40 years ago. It was written by Stanford Beers, a UK operations research analyst, who was part of the Allende government. He provided a detailed look at the attempts to hold predatory capitalist forces at bay and develop a socialist system responsive to the needs of the Chilean people. The book, sadly, also recounts the assasination of Allende and the grim story of the Pinochet brutality that squashed the dream. Not very complementary of the role of the US and right wing capitalists. The movie “Missing” also provided a glimpse of that sad time
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    The Hurons pre United States had communal land ownership.
    The Iroquois had a similar system.
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    That's evolutionarily false:

    Bonobo - Wikipedia

    That's historically false:

    Against His-Story Against Leviathan

    The Original Affluent Society

    Anarchy Works

    That's currently false:




    Hambach Forest

    Corridor of Resistance


    La ZAD

    (Just to name a few)
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    Some interesting reading here! Wasn't going to participate in this debate but opened a few of you links and well..............
    Been in a couple of southern/central american socialist countries - nothing but praise for how they operate the health, education and general camaraderie.
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    Communism by a Marxist definition is stateless, so communist and regime are somewhat contradictory terms. A bunch of nations have tried, and strangely all seemed to have tried by drastically increasing the power of the state.

    I don't think Communism is achievable by anything else than small voluntary associations, as shown in GuerrillaLorax's post. I think otherwise you'd have to force it, ending up in a dramatically more powerful state.

    I don't think it's necessarily impossible in the future. But not until we've dealt with tribalism and the house of cards that is the global financial system.
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    There are not any truly communists nations any more. China, Vietnam, Cuba have been corrupted by capitalism.
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    I wonder what communist ice cream is like.
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    Delicious – I visited a collectivist commune in France once and they made gelato and it was fantastic.
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    B, Capitalism is the biggest fraud ever pull on humanity. The average guy in a capitalist nation is just supposed to pursue happiness and prosperity but never attain it.
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    I had the Hobsa sandwich and chased it with homemade pistachio ice cream!

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