Any Girls Flirt While Driving??? (please describe)

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by mistercat, May 19, 2004.

  1. mistercat

    mistercat Member

    Basically, on days like today! when it is about 75 or above, there are all kinda chicks who drive around wearing anything from very strappy sexy tanks and short, paper thin skirts, with flip flops or sexy sandals and they might hike their left leg up on the seat, or the dash (when they've got hot little pedicured toe-ringed toes to show off) pant!pant!pant! And many times they will flirt openly, singing, moving sexily, rythymically to the rolling of the road beneath them. Oh, there's more, I've had soooo many "mutual" experiences where it starts out as a smile, a wink, a nod, a coaxing scooting up in my seat to see more kinda look, pleading, and about half the time, I get to see "LOTS" more! I have girls flash me their beautiful boobs right there both while driving and being a passenger. I also had three teenagers moon me, two at the same time, while one slapped the other's ass!!!! Omg, I am getting a rise just reliving the moment. The one in the front mooned me and I could see her powdery blue panties with a hot pink band (yea, it was a thong, but she pulled it down too with her jeans!!!!). Then, she flashed me her black bra, and, get ready, slowly, in a sultry manner, pulled her bra up,keeping just her fingertips on her nipples and then BAM, she let them fly loose, rubbing them against the passenger window. I came instantly! Note, after they had already asked, I lifted my hips up and showed them my semi-hard rod...... Omg. There was another time where an ordinary soccer mom and I had a mutual masturbation session while driving 70 mph down the interstate. She licked her nipple for me and smeared her beautiful essence on the passenger window for me...... I returned the favor and came cosmically. So many times.
  2. BOdoubleDy

    BOdoubleDy Member

    when i'm driving and i see a hott guy... i put my lip balm on with my middle finger... i like showing off my pouty lips, then if he catches me, i smile.

    other times, i'll wave and smile.. depends on the guy
  3. mistercat

    mistercat Member

    Subtlety is good; I know how you flirt. It's awesome; ever go further.... Why the middle finger? Seems more erotic to me to caress your lips with a finger you don't usually touch them with. Hmmmmm, Kinda like a j/o with the other hand every once in a while to keep things spicy....:p
  4. Mintaoism

    Mintaoism Member

    my girlfreins would go naked to turn me on while on a motor way...once she lost her pants...hee hee..i didnt stop to go back... serves her right for swinging em' round like a lasoo...
  5. FunkyPhreshMama

    FunkyPhreshMama Visitor

    i yell out my window at hott guys LOL i am married but what the hell they never follow me........

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