any dressmakers in the crowd?

Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by nimh, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    i finally have a working sewing machine!! ya!!

    and i want to make a dress. something flowy with clean lines. maybe strips of patch running down the sides. i dont want to do an apron-style dress. just something simple and earthy looking.
  2. I make dresses :) They are my favorite things to make. Post a pic when you are done!
  3. peony blossom

    peony blossom Member

    Do you mean like a closed back, then a-line the rest of the way down?

    l l
    / \
    / \
    / \
    / \
    / \
  4. prairiepixie

    prairiepixie Member

    ~*hey there ~ good for you groovy girl! i hope you enjoy your new sewing machine! when i started making my own clothes i looked a lot at vintage patterns or vintage sewing books i could pick up for 50cents at a thrift store ~ learned a whole LOT aboot sewing from them ~ its also fun to start with altering some other clothes into new ones (like the favorite jeans into a skirt trick) just to get a good feel for the way clothes are shaped and how they will hang on your body ~ checkin out other artists is always a great way to get inspired for your new handcrafted-for-you-by-you dress too ~ check out these favorites of mine if you would like: ** ** ** the best of wishes and luck!*~
  5. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~


    i love this one

    i dont know if i'm ready to make something without using a pattern. i've done lots of sewing, but i dont know if i'm ready to make that leap yet. i guess i need to go shopping. LOL :)

    i have a dress that i made a loooooooong time ago that i want to remake into another style. i love the fabric, but i'm not fond of the style any longer. i think i'm going to do something with it and probably then do something new
  6. hiplibby

    hiplibby Member

    the most beautiful patchwork i've ever seen is
  7. RetroGroove_Grrl

    RetroGroove_Grrl I'm a big girl now

    I make dresses

    I made this one for the end of year formal (prom)
    it laces up the back
  8. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    wow, that's beautiful!

    did you use a pattern?
  9. beautiful dress! i've always thought it would be fun to design/make evening gowns or just fancy occassion dresses, but it's scary because that fabric can be sooo expensive. i'd screw up once and have to trash the whole thing.
  10. lsd_tripss

    lsd_tripss Member

    No, i haven't made a dress yet. Actually i just am starting to learn so i decided to start off easy with a mini skirt. Very beautiful dresses some of u have made, i hope i will be able to make ones as good as them. hey nimh good luck with making ur dress i'm sure it will turn out great.
  11. RetroGroove_Grrl

    RetroGroove_Grrl I'm a big girl now

    it was expensive, but it was heaps cheaper than buying a ready made, so thats when sewing comes in handy.

    I did use a pattern, but I had to alter it, so essentially, I drafted a new one, sized to fit and with different pieces. The original didnt have a bodice piece, or straps, or lacing up the back, so they were all added in

    The worst thing about making something like a ball gown, is that it is so fancy, I probably wont wear it again, but I guess its nice to have.

    Plus, when you sew with fabric that is a bit more expensive, cutting phobia increases 10 fold!

    I think this material wasnt too bad though, the outer stuff was about $10 AUS a metre so about $6 US.
  12. phunkymonkey

    phunkymonkey Member

    Thanks so much!! ;)

    I've worked with patterns before but I think it is so much more fun to sew working with out them. The only thing I will use a pattern for is the teddy bears I make. It is not as hard as you might think if you are doing a certain style... like I mostly use rectangles & then taper or round them a little... things like that!

    Best of luck!!
  13. LaurelBayTree

    LaurelBayTree Senior Member

    i do make them...but i have sold what i did have...i plan on working on some as part of a healing list i am putting together. i will take pics and let you know how they are.
  14. Willy_Wonka_27

    Willy_Wonka_27 Surrender to the Flow

    i make dresses...but it sucks cuz i cant wear them...well i literaly could but i dont think i would look all that good in a dress...

    but making then and giving em away to friends is fun
  15. RetroGroove_Grrl

    RetroGroove_Grrl I'm a big girl now

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