Any cool stuff to do while visiting Seattle

Discussion in 'U.S.A.' started by CosmicCharlie, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. CosmicCharlie

    CosmicCharlie Member

    In June I am going to be in Seattle for a day or two. I was just wondering if there is any really cool things to do,places to check out, ect. ???
  2. luckyalder

    luckyalder Member

    hey, i just came back from there. yeah, seattle's great. some places to visit: seattle metaphysical library, you can go and read awesome books for free. it's off of pine street near the madison market (an AWESOME food co-op that you should check out) also see a store called Traveler's. get chai there. it's on pike street and broadway, or somewhere right next to it. this is all on capitol hill, where i stayed. are you just going to be in seattle or are you going to other places in washington? if you are going to travel , let me know and ill give you some more pointers and traveler friendly places in that region. i just came back from swinging from town to town. have fun! washington's amazing!
  3. CosmicCharlie

    CosmicCharlie Member

    hey thanks luckyalder. Yeah, I'll be passing through Seattle cause I'm going on a cruise to Alaska with my family. The ship leaves from Seattle so I'll have a day beforehand to do some exploring and probably a day afterwards too.

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