any communes in CA or AZ?

Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by freedbypeace, May 18, 2004.

  1. freedbypeace

    freedbypeace A Woman Left Lonely

    Is there any communes in CA or AZ? Please let me know!
  2. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member

    And at 15 what do you want to do with the information? Check out

    Tell us what you learn.
  3. any luck am looking for somewhere to go myself
  4. is anyone here interested in earth changes (2012) prophecy v. politics. am considering
    starting a group in AZ. either sw of Tucson, or in the white mountains. things will be happening soon. we need to be away, and at elevation. all responses answered.
    and yes, this is a spiritually based group, dedicated to supporting the earth and those that live on it.....
  5. truthfromthestars, I just sent you a PM.

    edit: dude, you don't provide any way to contact you outside this website! What if, for whatever reason, you never come back on here again??
    Let's do this man, 2012 isn't that far off!!
  6. We have been to 3 here and none of them take preparedness or co-operation seriously. Husband and I lived on a farm for 18 years in Cochise County and tried to get people in....the ones who came were lazy and just wanted to smoke hooch. We finally sold the place and are on the road with our little trailer and van. Such is life.
  7. But not everyone is like that. There are dedicated souls out there who ARE willing to put in the time, sweat, and energy to prepare for the events to come. Don't get jaded!

    Hey truthfromthestars, you said you answer every response. Well it's been nearly a month since I PM'd you and it seems you haven't even logged into the site since you wrote your above proposal. What gives dude?
  8. oldwolf

    oldwolf Waysharing-not moderating Super Moderator

    yah...but sometimes the more you get exposed to the truth the more you realize that most deal with intentions instead of Intent. their intentions are good but they cannot stay focused on their Intent.

    but yes...we always hope for the best....And the Change , man she comes roaring at all is in flux....and to have expectations that it will not be a wonderful experience to grow from, kind of tends to become a self-fulfilling we see our future darkly shaded by our own perceptions of how it is to be.

    Life is ....and t'is a gift that we need to learn how to be respectfully grateful for...all of it ...for it all Becomes just what we have made of it.



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