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Discussion in 'Bare It!' started by Girlwithheart, May 11, 2004.

  1. Girlwithheart

    Girlwithheart Member

    hi, I've always sort of liked the idea of going naked, and I reckon my body's really nice and I want to show it off too. Does anyone have any advice for me? I live in the UK, and I go to school. I was thinking of starting over the summer though.

    I'm scared of being embarassed though and of ppl thinking I'm a slut. Is there any way I can sort of ease myself into it?

  2. DoggoD

    DoggoD Member

    I would say try to get comfortable doing it in your home first. When that feels natural It should help you when you go out.
  3. brianthebare

    brianthebare Member

    I'm real glad you are thinking of going nude to places. I regularly take my kids nude swimming and we go to the natruist beach in Norfolk when we can.

    How do (or would) your parents feel about this. I presume they don't know?

    What county are you in?

    Do you have any school friends who might go along to a place with you?

    It depends on where you go as to what ppl might think.

    Brianthebare (nude whenever and whereever I can be without offending).
  4. Girlwithheart

    Girlwithheart Member

    Hi brian,

    My parents like to think they're hippies, but they're really overly protective of me, so I don't know. They might be cool, they might not. I'm not sure I wanna discuss it with them.

    I'm in Devon, and I don't think I'd be comfortable going all the way to Norfolk, just to be nude. Maybe once I'm more into this whole scene....

    Uhm, my freind Jess might do too, but I'm not sure. She's normally cool with stuff like this, but she might think its weird.

    I'm naked right now, and I'm trying to be naked whenever no-one's around, but it's kinda hard sometimes, I get really self conscious,

  5. cotter builds

    cotter builds Member

    get really drunk with friends....then somehow end up naked....the go wanderin the woods....skinny dippin comes up....get comfortable round your friends first
  6. Yes, it is easy to be "labled" all different ways being a naturist. You young girls need to be careful. Men tend to feel they can take more liberties with you if they know you like to get naked. You have to be up front and vocal with guys so they know that just because you're a nudist, doesn't mean you deserve less respect.
    Good luck.
  7. brianthebare

    brianthebare Member

    Hi again Cindy,

    Thanks for your answers to the questions. It is really dificult (as someone else mentioned) for you to get started as a female as there are soo many dodgy characters about these days. I got into this nude thing 3 years ago after being a real prude for 30+ years and I used to have a real fear of undressing infront of anyone (changing rooms/doctors etc). I'm soo glad I made the break.

    I understand about the parents thang! Even though many hippies go nude, I guess it's a personal thing.

    Don't worry about the self-consious thing - it will soon pass - I guess it's not about your body but about being seen (as you say you are comfortable with your body).

    As you are in Devon, I would certainly agree that Norfolk is an absolute no-no. I don't know of any safe naturist areas down there. I have been nude on Perranporth beach but that's way down in Cornwall and to be honest, the nudist section is soo far down the beach I would not recommend it for girls at all (too secluded with high dune banks behind).

    Might I suggest that you create a 'scene' at home with the 'rents' out of the way that would include you and Jess say, sunbathing in your garden. If it's secluded and the sun is real warm, you could suggest that you are fed up with tan lines and wish you could tan nude!. She might say - hey, great idea and bang - yo're over the first hurdle. I know Devon is lovely and hot in the summer.

    I wish you the very best of luck. Keep getting naked whenever you can - I know how it feels, I'm naked as I am writing this as the weather here in Cambridgeshire is finally getting less chilly.

    Best Regards,
    Brian the Bare.
  8. Naturegirl13

    Naturegirl13 Member

    Go for it Girl, hope you make it. mwah
  9. angel_wings

    angel_wings Member

    if you haven't already tried it, try going naked at home the next time you are able to be by yourself. that's how i got started, anyway. if you get the chance, sunbathing nude in your back garden is a fun thing to do. you don't have to do anything special to start enjoying being nude i dont think.

    some people's parents are ok with them going bare at home (mine are), but not everyone is, so maybe you should find out how they'd feel about it if you wanna do it when they're around.

    i live a long way away from the sea so i've never been to a nude beach, but if there aren't any near to you that you can go to then you can still enjoy going nude out of doors. some times i go into the countryside with friends; if you find some woodland or fields that no-one really goes to these are great places to get nude and back to nature!
  10. Amontillado

    Amontillado Member extraordinaire HipForums Supporter

    Somebody from Devon said they didn't know anything about nude beaches there and might consider going to Norfolk! You should look at this site

    which is all about naturism in Britain, and follow the headings to "Beaches", then "South West England". There are listings for 2 in north Devon and 7 in south Devon. Of course, for younger people getting around might be a problem, unless you can get your parents to help. Would you? Would they?
  11. Sax_Machine

    Sax_Machine saxbend

    There are nudist beaches all over the country. I know nothing about Devon, hardly ever been there, although I was in Plymouth to watch the football about a month ago. I know there's one in Hastings but I'm sure you don't have to go anything like as a far as that to find your local nudist beach. There's plenty of coastline in Devon and Cornwall so I'm sure there must be some nudist beach near you.

    I know nothing about what drives a nudist, tell me is it a desire to be naked in public, or simply to be naked in the open air? or is it different for everyone?

    I mean, obviously you wouldn't get very far going naked in public (us barefooters have a hard enough time, I can't imagine what it would be like for a nudist), but on a nudist beach you could at least be opening yourself up to other people there.

    If it's just a question of being naked for yourself, then your back garden would be a good start, would it not?
  12. angel_wings

    angel_wings Member

    ... well, i can't speak for GirlWithHeart, and it's different for everybody, but for me it's just being naked for myself thats the attraction. i love the feeling of freedom, the sensation of being nude and i also find it much more comfortable than wearing clothes.

    its nothing to do with being nude in public for me - im not an exhibitionist, nudism for me is personal thing, about how i live when i'm at home. i do enjoy being nude outdoors and i love the feeling of being close to nature that it gives me - but that's something i think its possible to get without "going public" - and like SaxMachine said, there are plenty of nude beaches around (as soon as i'm old enough to take myself, im going to one!) if you want the socially nude experience (im not a resort-type person, seems too restrictive to me).

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