Anxiety and Opiates

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by GirlInterrupted, May 28, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    First I should introduce myself, I'm an animal activist living in Australia with my husband and my furry babies.

    For maybe ten years I've suffered from generalised anxiety and agoraphobia, I've tried everything and from experience in the past know all about the bad sides of opiates however the one time I had them not long ago was the only time something really helped my anxiety, I know it's not a fix but I would love to have something like this for the bad days.

    Problem is, I have no clue how to get a doctor to give me these kinds of drugs, I heard about the opiate pods too but I'm not sure on there legal status here in Australia :(, I'm just tired of it, I also have very bad back pain from falling off horses, told my doctor and I just got a referral to get an x-ray.

    Anyway guess I thought someone might have suggestions or something for me.
  2. Go to or and you can find legit websites that you can order opiates... because I'm not gonna suggest to anyone to go start doing heroin that's not already doing it... and a doctor is NOT going to give you an opiate for anxiety. They might give you a benzo for anxiety though..maybe... have you tried that? There's also some meds that may or may not work for anxiety and breathing excercises...
  3. Thanks for your reply, how do you order online though without customs taking the opiates before they even get to you?

    I'm already on sleeping pills, tranqs and some kind of sedative, my agoraphobia is extreme though, I can hardly even go across the road to the park alone, which also means I don't get to meet new people often who may be able to help me out.
  4. I have really bad anxiety too- both panic disorder and social anxiety. Currently I'm not taking anything and dealing w it the best I can w breathing and mindfulness excercises... it can sometimes suck but yea...
    Anyways, if you pick a reputable company to order from (and searching on those forums you can find places that aren't scams and see if ppl have been receiving their stuff, etc- and just a hint, oh wait.. you're in Australia.. okay, well, I would order from places in Europe so look under international...)... anyways, I've ordered stuff about 30-40 times maybe and they package things really well. Very discreet... address label from another, legit company, etc.- I have always received mine without customs messing it up..
    except one time (and this is kinda funny).. I had ordered about 100 valium and my package was opened and it was taped back shut with tape that said "Department of Homeland Security" with a little note attached saying they are sorry for opening my mail. Funny how they put all the valium back and sent them off to me.... just goes to show you that they have better things to worry about. lol.
    usually tho if customs would fuck w it... you would get a letter from customs saying if you want to claim it to sign and send in form. IF that would happen, do not do that! then you cannot get in any trouble. and the companies you order from.. you can just copy the form and send to them and they'll refund you or re-send.
    But, as mentioned, that has never happened to me and it's very rare.

    But, just don't get scammed ordering if you decide to go that route..go to pharmacy watchers and do some reading...spend some time doing that (because I could tell you the places I got from but it's been a while since I ordered so you're better off going there and reading recent posts to make sure the places are still current and legit-because in that business you never know and things change)... but do your research there before picking a place!
  5. Sorry to hear your in the same hell as me, the tranqs I'm on are rather strong but they weren't sure what else to give me since I've been at a stage before where I couldn't leave the house even if someone was with me nor could I answer the door or phone.

    I do actually have very bad back pain, sometimes so bad I can't sit up or stand for too long, I'm going in to have more x-rays done soon.

    I just don't get why there so strict about stupid stuff, I'd be happy with a really mild opium tea, I do have a friend in America who can send certain stuff, I'm a bit scared of customs in Australia though.
  6. Yeah, I can't speak for customs in Australia... I just know my experience w it here in the U.S.- and that the packaging has always been very discreet.

    Anyways, good luck!! I wish you the best. My anxiety isn't so bad that I can't leave the house, luckily but I do get weird (very weird) about certain phone calls and driving on highways and some things and I know it's def. not fun!
  7. I'm gonna pm you with a link to the one site that without looking at recent posts I can recommend 99 % because I've used them numerous times....

    You may still wanna check recent threads about them on pharm watchers though but I'll pm you now..

    nevermind I can't pm you. sorry...and I really don't feel comfortable posting it on a forum so... when you have more posts (30 or 40 I think) if you haven't found something or figured something else out, you can pm me, okay?
  8. Thank you again,

    This is all very new to me, I didn't know I needed 30
    posts but I'm sure it won't take long.

    I understand why you can't post here, my agoraphobia is a pain....more than, since it near runs my life, I know a few sufferers on opiates and they are doing well as long as they keep the dosage low and don't let the drug control them, that's what I wanted to do though I really doubt I'd ever get any, might do a check on Australian customs.
  9. I may just end up planting some poppy seeds soon, knowing my luck ill just end up with some really nice flowers, or maybe not since every other plant I've tried growing, just regular flowers and stuff has died on me, I'm very far from having a green thumb.
  10. Well, look up on erowid or somewhere how to do that. I'd probably be the same and just end up growing flowers... I mean, you'd have to eat a lot of the seeds though to get an effect I'd believe..
  11. Ill try that, guess I need the right seeds because I want to try growing my own pods, just to make tea with, it's at a point I'm just tired of all the hassle, if I can do it myself i will

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