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    It's nearing summer time again, and ants have taken over our home! You seriously can't leave soda or food out for more than a few seconds without the ants getting into it. It wouldn't be so bad, but theres about 1,000 per sq foot! It's madness man! I think their called "sweet ants" or something to that effect. Anyone know any way of getting rid of them without using chemicals? Last year we used this chemical crap that could poison humans! Fuck that shit, I've got little nieces and my prescious kitty, I can't be using that stuff.
  2. hiro

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    We have an ant problem in our mail box. I feel bad for our mail lady.
  3. hello

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    well, in the past, i've tried to get rid of ants by pouring boiling water on them... rather than chemicals anyway... but now i just sort of tolerate the ants, and so far they have not gotten unmanagable... florida is one giant anthill, though...

    but you know what is really intriguing are "ant lions"...
    ...the little things that dig inverted conical holes in the ground, and then lie in wait for the hapless ants that fall into the hole and can't escape.
    there's probably a scientific name for them, but i've always called them ant lions. see if you can get some of them and turn them loose on the ants ;)
  4. alex714

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    we dont have an ant problem (knock on wood)

    but we have an all year round centiped problem...they pop out of the sink and in the shower.....ewwww, i hate them and some of them are feckin HUGE
  5. psyche

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    this girl i know suggested borax mixed with icing sugar. they are attracted by the icing sugar and then bring it back to their nest and it kills off the nest or something. i haven't tried it, and as far as natural remedies go i am clueless.
  6. Bellfire01

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    Short of adopting an advark there is nothing you can really do that doesn't involve poinson. (I use to pick them up on a paper towel and put them outside but then they'd go get friends.) My dad ended up put stuff on the door stop which kept them out. You could also make your house very cold for a week and that might help. (Go away for a week and turn your air all the way down.)
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    i think its borax, honey and baking poweder or something like that

    the important thing though is to put the environment for them where you want them (in your garden is a GOOD place)

    and avoid creating one where you don't

    this means using amonia based cleaners to destroy their highways. disinfectant cleansers to deney them assault bases behind and under things you'd otherwise neglect or not notice, and as much as possible remove things that make places for them to hide in and under

    with sufficient dilligence it is possible to get rid of them this way

    provided it is also accompanied by someplace else for them to go that is away from the house

    and that includes all the places outside of the house through which they come into it by way of

    oh and if you see one flying arround with wings
    that's a queen ant looking for a place to start a colony
    this happens several weeks before the actual main assault force begins to appear.

    if you can prevent the colonies from getting started where you don't want them, that's really the best hope to keep them out.

    i keep a squirter (windex type) bottle with a mixture of disinfectent cleanser and rubbing alcohaul near at hand during this period and don't hesitate to use it. also bear in mind that sweets aren't the only thing they find nourishment in. most especialy hair and dry dead skin flakes is an especialy inviting banquite for them.

    also spiders can and do help control them
    something to consider

  8. Sunnie

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    A centipede problem?!?!
    I'd burn the freaking house down. If there is one bug I can't stand, it's centipedes. Ew, they definetly give me the heebie-jeebies.

    If you've got rhubarb growing in your backyard, I know that the leaves are poisonous. I THINK that if you boil the leaves and then dump the water on the anthill that it should get rid of them. But just be careful, cause I think the leaves are pretty poisonous...
    Of course, this wouldn't really help if they are inside and you don't know where the hill is.
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    We have exactly the same problem.

    I also prefer not to use any chemicals... and do not like killingthem ants anyhow.

    I find that washing the floors and the surfices alot helps.

    If you do not want them getting into your drinks/ foods... put them in a plate, and fill that plate with water...

    We need two plates...our ants leared to swim over the first plate... but they don't go over the second. They also tried dropping themselves from the cieling... they actually calculated well, with thw wind and such... i tell you, these animals are bloody geniouses... such a system....

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