Another Lonely Night

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by roycleo, May 13, 2004.

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    Lonliness is a feeling that never goes away
    even when your with the one that you love
    youll sometimes dream of a lonely day

    but to think of the past is not a terrible thing
    sometimes it just feel right
    when you allow your mind to dream

    so when you dream
    of what use to be
    in the time of not so long ago
    open your eyes and perhaps youll see
    all it is that you wish to know

    now lay your head back
    close your eyes tight
    and when you fall asleep
    may your dreams be of peace
    and God be with you
    on this
    yet once again
    another lonely night
    Roy Williams
    or visit my blog at
    or my website at

    If you decide to go to my site, please sign the guestbook, and post some kind of topic in the forum. I havent had much traffic yet. Of-course it is a free site. I guess I shouldnt expect much huh? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my poem. I finally got it, and a couple others published.
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    i cant see the picture.

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