another depression?

Discussion in 'The Future' started by WWKCD729, May 18, 2007.

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    simple solutions are so romantic, but yes, corporate capitolism IS creating all the wrong incentives and economic depression is, after all, a phenomina OF economics.

    what we NEED is to stop demonizing everything that isn't "capitolism" and start remembering how to do anything besides take and destroy.

    a lot of current pain CAN be traced directly to trying to make everything have to begin and end with little green pieces of paper.

    and there ARE a LOT of alternatives OTHER then quasi-marxism OR corporatocracy. some retaining some concept of money, many not.

    the corporate mafia is partying hearty and we are all getting the hangover.
    it is also dancing on the deck of our collective titanic.

    when we need to be hugging the generosity of mother earth's soil.
    and we are perfectly capable of doing so without throwing the entire concept of tecnological infrastructure out with the bath water.

    we need to be doing a lot of things very differently then we are,
    but we need good sense, not simplistic arbitraryness to be doing so.


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