Another Baby Bird Rescue!!

Discussion in 'Pets and Animals' started by HappyHaHaGirl, May 24, 2004.

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    I was walking through Centennial Park today and found a dead blue jay. I gave it a clover and said a little word or two, and started to walk on... then I saw two other little birds just standing there looking at the dead one. I saw that they still had some little baby feathers, so I figured that they must have fallen out of their nests and the one got hit trying to cross the street or something. I looked all over for a Ranger, and the one I found said that "we have a maintenance crew that takes care of those things." I was like, "You mean like trash???!!" and he said yes. So I kind of freaked out a little.... I was like They arent dead! So, he helped me find a paper bag and we put them in there until we could find a box, and now they're sitting out on my back porch.
    They're almost big enough to fly, but the obviosly can't handle it yet. I named them Tim and Jeff... :) Jeff, the little one, acts like his leg is broken. I can get them to the nature center tomorrow to see what can be done with them, but I can tell they're kind of dehydrated and hungry, so I need to know what to do with them tonight to keep them from dying.
    I need help. I know nothing about birds!
    If anyone knows any sites about blue jays and taking care of them, it would be greatly appreciated. They're so sweet! I have to take pictures. :)

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    None of the emergency centers would help me! They told me to take it to this place that specializes in this kind of thing, but they were closed and none of the other places would even look at them. The little one with the hurt leg died about two hours ago, and the other one acts like it's unconcious... it's breathing and stuff, but won't open it's eyes or eat or anything. That's what they were like when I found them, though. I don't know how long they were alone or what to do with the one that's left!!

    Thanks for the link. Every little bit helps. :)

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