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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by osiris, Jun 9, 2006.

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    This announcement is made herein for the sole reason that this is the forum in which Osiris most frequently posted. So, hopefully, the moderators will understand, and leave it here.​

    Osiris has finished with the ordeals for which this was one of many arenas. It would be improper for him to any longer post herein. In other words, "osiris" is no more. But he urges anyone who would like to take the time to see how a man can transform via Art and Philosophical thought to look through his posts, not just on this newer site, but those in the archives. He believes, after reviewing these himself, that this is a comprehensive study in Initiation in the Aeon of Horus; or at least, one of the multitude of facets in that Vast Diamond of Truth.​

    He thanks all of those here(and elsewhere) that have served him in this task of Transmutation, both as enemies and friends. He always did love a good scrap! He urges anyone that wishes to continue to watch the Transformation of his Newly Reborn Vehicle(or just anyone who would like at any time to say hello) to visit his myspace blog:​

    Sealed by the Word of Silence, ​

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    I always enjoyed your presence. :)

    Looks like you have already have a great foundation for your myspace blog.

    Much Love ~~*

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