Anniversary Of Woodstock!

Discussion in 'Events and Festivals' started by Yogamat, Aug 27, 2016.

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  2. Most overated musical festival ever

    No, that probably goes to Live Aid

    Second most overated musical festival ever
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    Cool Pics! Wasn't alive then, but I wish I could have attended, although the weather conditions didn't look ideal.
  4. Those photos are nice. I wasn't around until about 11 years later in 1980. Woodstock must have been really dirty!
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    Insane Clown Posse did Woodstock.
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    Ahhh free love,bad acid,and mud.What was their not to like.I was born in 61,so I remember the footage on the nightly news.I remember my Dad saying"Looks like the country is changing,and not for the better.
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    Aww I wish that I was around then.
    I used to watch the Nine Inch Nails performance from Woodstock in the 1990's when it turned into a pit of mud.
    I seen them in concert like 5 years ago, and he just doesn't have the stamina & gusto anymore. He's old. So sad I missed the glory days of the crazy 90's.
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  10. I was 15. My buddy and I tried to figure how to get there. We didn’t make it.
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    woodstock 2019 is august 16th 17th & 18th in watkins glenn, NY
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    I had never heard of Woodstock until a year or so after the event. I was at a base theater at Howard AFB, Panama and it was to be shown at the base theater. It got to about the first part that showed some nudity and the camera went silent. The base commander had heard about it and stopped it.

    Now, interestingly, I was at the base theater at Keesler AFB a few years later. We were there for some advanced Air Traffic Control training. The movie 'Alice's Restaurant was showing and that base commander had it stopped, and banned, as well.
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  14. I remember Live Aid as basically Queen vs the rest of the world

    Queen came out, did like 3 songs, pumped, in comparison, everyone else blew
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    All I remember is 'We are the World' and my parents along with my brother and sisters joining the human chain which theoretically stretched from coast to coast
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  16. This is Davington Priory, the house Geldof lived in when at the time wen Live Aid was happening, he ended up buying it in 2013, is worth close to 2 million US. Geldofs net worth close to 150 million


    That is, Geldof just used Live Aid to make himself rich
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    Without Live Aid, Geldof would have been forgotten as rapidly as most of the other second rate 80's pop stars.

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