Ann Arbor Hash Bash 07 (merged, ya clueless potheads ;P )

Discussion in 'Events and Festivals' started by TresBizzare420, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. For those of you in the Ann Arbor area, Hash Bash will be this staurday the 7th. The event will begin at high noon in the diag.

    This year we are asking people in memory of CHEF RA to come out on the DIAG

    and in the original spirit of HASH BASH smoke a fat one in CHEF RA's memory.

    HASH BASH returns to it's roots as one of America's oldest Smoke-Ins

    YES IT"S a SMOKE-IN people always was and always will be! JOINT TOSS at 12:30, bring a spare joint rolled and ready to toss during the joint toss!
  2. DancerAnnie

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    I'll be at the Street Fair for sure...but will miss high noon. I have to work at the co-op until 2:30...

    Plus, I can't smoke right now anyway :-/
  3. cosmicdust

    cosmicdust Member

    This coming Saturday (April 07th, 2007) is the 36TH ANNUAL ANN ARBOR HASH BASH, located in and by the Univeristy of Michigan DIAG, in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, plus the associated 6TH ANNUAL MONROE STREET FAIR (located in front of DOMINICKS' restaurant: 812 Monroe St., Ann Arbor, Michigan - just south of the U of M DIAG). It was born from the 60's, but started in 1971, on the DIAG of the U of M campus, as a political rally to legalize marijuana, and also as a huge pot party (with some "acid" thrown in for good measure).

    The first ANN ARBOR HASH BASH started when JOHN SINCLAIR (a famous Flint, Michigan-born native, 60's icon (beat warrior poet, jazz enthusiast, ex-manager of the famous MC5 Detroit rock group and founder of the WHITE PANTHERS) was arrested for the possession of two joints. Later JOHN LENNON (of the BEATLES fame) dedicated a song to the plight of JOHN SINCLAIR.

    In the 70's, the ANN ARBOR HASH BASH occurred only on April 1st (APRIL FOOL'S DAY), which was allright when it occurred on the weekend, but when it occurred during a school week day, there would many a high school student who would "skip" classes to make the pilgrimage to the HASH BASH. Tens of thousands of teens would show up and party hardy, with many vendors selling "headshop" items. The U of M DIAG resembled WOODSTOCK. Today, the ANN ARBOR HASH BASH is "watered down", when compared to the wild PARTY 70's, but it is still very much alive and fun. It is a little more political, but partying is still done and encouraged even more this year.

    The official website for the ANN ARBOR HASH BASH is: Go here for the latest information:

    "36th Annual Ann Arbor HASH BASH
    April 7th, 2007
    ".........a memorial to CHIEF RA
    Chief Ra passed away Dec 26th 2006"
    "This would have been his 20th consecutive Hash Bash. This year we are asking people in memory of CHIEF RA to come out on the DIAG and in the original spirit of the HASH BASH smoke a fat one in CHIEF RA's memory. HASH BASH returns to it's roots as one of America's oldest Smoke-Ins YES IT'S a SMOKE-IN people always was and always will be!"
    "JOINT TOSS at 12:30, bring a spare joint rolled and ready to toss during the joint toss!"

    JUST A REMINDER: There is a $50 FINE for smoking marijuana on CITY PROPERTY (in Ann Arbor), but the University of Michigan property is STATE PROPERTY and normal state laws apply (i.e. much harsher). But only if you get caught! There is strength in numbers! POWER to the PEOPLE!

    The 36TH ANNUAL ANN ARBOR HASH BASH starts at 12:00 PM (HIGH NOON), on the University of Michigan DIAG. The speeches last until 1:00 PM. JOHN SINCLAIR used to come every year, but he wasn't there last year, and I don't know about this year. He now lives in Amsterdam, Holland, for obvious reasons. Could it be for THE CANNABIS CUP? Partially, anyway. Afterward, the action shifts over to the 6TH ANNUAL MONROE STREET FAIR, located in front of DOMINICKS restaurant (812 Monroe St.), just south of the U of M DIAG. Just "smell" your way there, if you know what I mean!

    For information on the MONROE STREET FAIR (and BLOCK PARTY) go to:

    At the MONROE STREET FAIR there is a band stage set up, in front of DOMINICKS restaurant ON MONROE STREET PAVEMENT, where four local hip bands are featured. The last band featured is usually GLOWB, which is associated to JOHN SINCLAIR. If JOHN SINCLAIR shows up, he recites his poetry then, usually about politics (the "big boy" atom bomb) and psychedelic chemicals and plants, like LSD (Dr. Albert Hofmann's bicycle ride) and other various 60's themed poems, by himself. For good photos of JOHN SINCLAIR, got to the GLOWB website (, and click on the photos icon, on the bar on the leftside. I'm in one of the pictures with JOHN SINCLAIR on stage, but I'm in the crowd, at the top of the picture, wearing a yellowish Woodstock hat, and a Woodstock blue jean jacket ( Where's WOODSTOCK WALDO?

    12:00 PM - 5:30 PM
    (Pick up those hemp necklaces, Scooby Doo "Doobie" T-shirts, Hemp suckers, glass pipes, bongs and whatever.)

    2:15 PM - 3:10 PM ???
    3:25 PM - 4:20 PM JAM SAMICH
    4:35 PM - 5:30 PM GLOWB

    On the Monroe Street Fair website, if you click the "history" icon (at the top), then go to "2004" and click at the end of that paragraph: "Click here to view the 2004 photo slide show." (, then count about 7 pictures (on the slide show), and come to a picture with a blue tent vending booth (in front of DOMINICKS). I'm in this picture, in the extreme lower right corner (sitting on the lawn, with a girl standing next to me in a bright lime sweater). I wearing the blue jeans jacket, with the WOODSTOCK dove on guitar emblem. That's COSMICDUST. If you attend the ANN ARBOR HASH BASH and/or MONROE STREET FAIR, you could show up in a photo on the internet! You could also see the ZIG-ZAG man (as photographed on the GLOWB website:

    After 5:30 PM, you're on your own, but many Ann Arbor bars feature bands related to the HASH BASH. Party into the midnight hours, if you so decide! Have FUN!!! Ann Arbor has many fine restaurants and shops, plus a few "headshops" and a "safe sex" shop.

    I hope to attend this years' ANN ARBOR HASH BASH, even though the SATURDAY forecast is: "Mostly cloudy. A chance of sprinkles and flurries. Highs 36 to 40. Lows 23 to 27." (Channel 7, WXYZ, DETROIT "Weather Bug"). All I can say is dress warm, and HIP!!!

    Any ""-ers going?
    DancerAnnie seems to be going?
    I may be wearing my WOODSTOCK jacket and hat. Dress warm and see you there!
  4. bambiii

    bambiii Member

  5. cosmicdust

    cosmicdust Member


    I see that this is your VERY FIRST post on "THE HIP FORUMS", so WELCOME TO HIPPY.COM and "THE HIP FORUMS"!!! That's a nice "photobucket" photo that you posted of you and your two friends, (sitting on the U of M lawn), while "grooving" at the 7TH ANNUAL MONROE STREET FAIR (at the 37TH ANNUAL ANN ARBOR HASH BASH)!!!

    I assume that your posted "photobucket" photo was taken at this year's 37 ANNUAL ANN ARBOR HASH BASH (2008), and NOT last year's 36TH ANNUAL ANN ARBOR HASH BASH (2007), as you posted your first post in LAST YEAR'S (2007) 36TH ANNUAL ANN ARBOR HASH BASH post, which was MERGED together from two seperate posts into one, and thus the comment of "clueless potheads" was made by a "WEB MODERATOR" (and maybe RIGHTFULLY SO).

    I guess "clueless stoners" means that they had a very good time at the ANNUAL ANN ARBOR HASH BASHES??? Or maybe even before??? CURLEY (of "THE THREE STOOGES") would commonly "DOUBLE-TALK" and state: "I RESEMBLE that remark!", which of course, he was supposed to say; "I RESENT that remark!". Just some STOOGE humor!!!

    You should have posted your FIRST POST under the 37TH ANNUAL ANN ARBOR HASH BASH (2008) post, of which there is only one post for this year (which is the way the POSTING RULES are stated). Since this is your FIRST POST, you'll learn of the POSTING RULES, as we all have, in "THE HIP FORUMS".

    DIFFERENT YEAR EVENTS AND FESTIVALS of the same EXACT EVENT or FESTIVAL are considered TWO SEPEARTE POSTS (i.e. two events or festivals seperated by a TIME DIMENSION), because each year has different times, guest speakers, guest bands and/or attendees, so the posts aren't "merged" together. POSTS of the SAME EVENT or FESTIVAL, of the SAME YEAR, ususally are MERGED TOGETHER.

    I assume that the "photobucket" of you and your friends attending the MONROE STREET FAIR was taken at this year's 37TH ANNUAL ANN ARBOR HASH BASH, in 2008, as the pictured attendees are wearing "short-sleeved shirts" with a temperature close to 60 degrees F. (and MOSTLY SUNNY) at this year's ANN ARBOR HASH BASH??? Last years's ANN ARBOR HASH BASH (in 2007) was COLD (HIGH TEMP.=20's degree f.?), with light SNOW FLURRIES and everyone was wearing sweaters, hoodies and arctic parkas!!!

    I'm glad that my ANNUAL HASH BASH threads (both in 2008, even if one was posted in a past 2007 post) attracted "first time posters" to "THE HIP FORUMS", at HIPPY.COM!!! I welcome all first time "THE HIP FORUMS" posters to HIPPY.COM!!! Welcome aboard "bambiii"!!! That's a nice simple fisrt time post (with a nice photo link), but it should've just have been posted in the 2008 37TH ANNUAL ANN ARBOR HASH BASH POST, instead of last years 2007 post. It's just a first time posting mistake.

    "bambiii", I'm glad that you had a wonderful time at this years 37TH ANNUAL ANN ARBOR HASH BASH and 7TH ANNUAL MONROE STREET FAIR, as I enjoyed it thoroughly myself, especially with the nice SUNNY and RELATIVELY WARM MICHIGAN SPRING DAY!!! Even JOHN SINCLAIR (this years "GUEST SPEAKER" and 60's ICON with the BLACK BERET and white beard) commented on the beautiful and nice SPRING day, that it was on APRIL 5TH, 2008 - SATURDAY (i.e the day of the HASH BASH and MONROE STREET FAIR)!!!

    I hope to see you there next year (if you decide to go next year). This year (2008) I was wearing a BRIGHT, "mult-colored", TIE-DYED, "hoodie" SWEATER (with a dominant RED COLOR) and matching BASEBALL CAP, plus my usual WOODSTOCK EMBLEM (w/ DOVE and GUITAR SYMBOLS on the back) JEAN JACKET and Pepe Jeans. That was me!

    Here is a picture of me ('cosmicdust") attending the 2004 "3RD ANNUAL MONROE STREET FAIR", at the 33RD ANNUAL ANN ARBOR HASH BASH (Where's WOODSTOCK "WALDO"?, CLUE: Look for the WOODSTOCK EMBLEM on a blue JEANS JACKET!):

    Anyway, GOOD LUCK with your future posts in "THE HIP FORUMS" REALM!!!

    Peace, love and understanding . . .
  6. Did any of you see a kid wearing a blue baja hoodie who was the only kid carrying around a hookah, because that was me. I took a hell of a lot of photos, i'll upload them to my photobucket account and post them when im done.
  7. cosmicdust

    cosmicdust Member


    Yes, I actually did see you at this years "7TH ANNUAL MONROE STREET FAIR", as I walked past you and your friends many times, there!!! I distinctly remember you smoking from your BLUE GLASS HOOKAH. What were you smoking in there anyway? Tobacco or Wacky Tobbacy??? It sort of looked like a big chunk of HASH??? It was the "HASH BASH" wasn't it??? And I don't mean CORNED BEEF "HASH"!!! Or "HASH" BROWNS!!! Maybe good old MORROCAN or LEBANESE???

    Anyway, I was the guy wearing a BRIGHT "tie-dyed" HOODIE SWEATER (predominately RED in color), with a matching "tie-dyed" BASEBALL CAP and Pepe BLUE JEANS. Of course, I was wearing my distinctive BLUE JEANS JACKET, with the WOODSTOCK logo on the backside (i.e.with the white dove standing on the end of a guitar, on a red background).

    You can see a picture of my me, wearing my WOODSTOCK JEANS JACKET, on the MONROE STREET FAIR WEBSITE, under "HISTORY" and "2004 PHOTOS" (2004 - 33RD ANNUAL ANN ARBOR HASH BASH):

    WOW!!! Those were nice photos (all 158 of them) that you took of the 37 ANNUAL ANN ARBOR HASH BASH and 7TH ANNUAL MONROE STREET FAIR!!! I am, definitely, in two of of your photos, but I'm standing far in the background (with my reddish, "tie-dyed" HOODIE and "WOODSTOCK" blue jeans jacket layered over it): "photobucket photos" no. 38 (_1706.jpg) (with me standing just to the right of the white tent) and no. 42 (_1710.jpg) (with me standing just to the right of the big red trailer and in front of the blue U of M "LAW SCHOOL" sign, while "rapping" with a cool hippy couple).

    You should "re-post" this post (with your "photobucket" photos of the HASH BASH and MONROE STREET FAIR) in my "37TH ANNUAL ANN ARBOR HASH BASH (2008)" THREAD, because this particular THREAD is for the "36TH ANNUAL ANN ARBOR HASH BASH" and "6TH ANNUAL MONROE STREET FAIR", which both took place last year on APRIL 07, 2007. Your photos are from the 2008 ANN ARBOR HASH BASH and MONROE STREET FAIR, so it should be re-posted under the 2008 HASH BASH THREAD. Many people may like to view them!!! I did.

    Did you know who JOHN SINCLAIR was??? You took a few photos of John Sinclair reciting his "BEATNIK WARRIOR POETRY" (for which he was famous for, plus he was famous for being a past "WHITE PANTHERS" leader), while on stage, being accompanied by his favorite FLINT band "glowb" (who "jammed" exceptionally well, I may add)!!! Some YOUNG HIPPIES there knew that JOHN LENNON sang a song about JOHN SINCLAIR, and that meant that he had some importance. With some other YOUNG HIPPIES, I had to explain who he was, and why he was a 60's ICON!!!

    It seems like you had a good time at this years ANN ARBOR HASH BASH and MONROE STREET FAIR. Cool, man!!! Maybe, I'll see you at next year's ANN ARBOR HASH BASH and MONROE STREET FAIR!!!

    Peace, love and understanding . . .

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