Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Applespark, May 12, 2004.

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    My son loves the zoo right now. His favorite animal right nwo is a peacock. He's always talking about them. What are your kids favorite animals?
  2. Earthy Mama

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    croix is crazy about dogs. When he sees one he stops and points, squeals and screams "dowwguh!" until its gone. Everything is a dog right now too. Sometimes he pats Noah on the head and says "dowugh" lol
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    My dd loves dogs, cats, frogs, snakes, worms, pigs, horses, mice, etc. She has a gazillion stuffed animals and feeds them, dresses them up, treats them like her babies.
  4. TerrapinRose

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    Xander adores cats,our neighborhood is positively overrun with them and there's a cat lady across the street who always has food out for the feral cats.This actually gives us alot of wildlife viewing since the cat lady's house backs up to a little greenbelt so everything with a stomach and a nose is on her porch eating cat food at night,including a raccoon who looks like a small bear. But he loves cats and he loves dogs and anything bigger than a cat IS a dog to him at this point. So sweet,when my daughter was about 4 we went to a good zoo for the first time and she saw her first rhino,she was so excited she yelled "Look!A rhino-nocerous!so cute. man they grow up fast.
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    My Daughters Kitty "itty" To Her Is Boots There Only A Month A Part And Inseparable. I Tryed To Upload A Pic But It Says File Is Too Large.
    She Likes The Other Cats To We Have 4 Total But Bootsy Is Hers. He Knows It Too, Lets Her Do Whatever She Wants To Him And Dosent Seem To Care:) Our Dog Shadow She Likes Also, Loves To Sit On Him,lol.

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