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Discussion in 'Pets and Animals' started by mystical_shroom, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. mystical_shroom

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    Anyone else watch this show on Animal Planet?

    Sometimes I am extremely horrified at the way people treat their pets...
    Its almost a disbelief that someone could treat an animal so bad, an animal that they call their pet..
    I love it though when they arrest some of the people... Or how these so called pet owners dont take their pets with them when they move, they will keep them tied up outside and just move and not tell anyone, thats just heartless...
    It takes what, a few minutes to take it to a shelter...
    Or the ones that leave the dead animal in their yard cause either it starved to death or what have you..
    I saw this one where this woman throw puppies in a trashbag and through them in the trash..there were 11 or so, and bythe end of the show only two made it...
    It just amazes me how cruel people are...
  2. Sage-Phoenix

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    Totally agree.

    All you can do is feel grateful these are the minority, and that there are other caring people who rescue animals from these situations.
  3. Elle

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    i know, i cant even watch that show because its too depressing. it pisses me off so much....its amazing the sheer STUPIDITY of some fucking people.
  4. Lilyrayne

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    I don't have Animal Planet anymore, and in a way I am glad because that means I'm not watching that horrible show. It's so heartbreaking, yet I couldn't keep myself from watching it.
  5. scarlett

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    I can't even watch the show. It upsets me! When I was young people down the road from me moved away and had about.. 5 pit bulls in the back yard and puppies but they mught of taken the puppies.. I don't know. But every once in a while the landlord would come by and feed them if they were still alive. I'm pretty sure they all ended up dying I can't exactly remember. I do remember one day walking on the railroad tracks behind the house and a dead pit bull laying on them where the landlord had thrown in over there because it had died in the back yard. I really don't know why he never called someone to come and get them. I can't believe * I * never did. As much as I love animals I didn't call anyone or do anything at all. I regret it so badly even though they would of been put to sleep because they were very mean dogs that would attack you! *sigh*
  6. cynical_otter

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    and to think...that those cops on Animal Precinct,who actually rescue animals and bring abusers to justice, get very few donations a year compared to the average $20 million PeTA recieves. What does PeTA do with that money? Pays supermodels and actresses to pose naked wrapped in cellophane. :mad:

    Imagine what animal cops/shelters/sanctuaries could do with $20 million a year?

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