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Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by wildmoonflower, Oct 19, 2010.

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    "But let's be real here - the crazy awesome applications of this invention way outstrip the humanity-benefiting ones. Implanted LEDs can be the new tattoo - put red ones down your spine for the sexy Cylon look!) Take your boring old household pets and stick some LEDs in them - instant excitement with glowing kitties and puppies! New glowsticks could be twisted 720 degrees to look like double helixes of DNA and handed out to biologists, giving scientific conferences a refreshingly heavy metal feel. And you just know somebody is figuring out how to put these things on a condom."

    How gross! How would you change the batteries anyhow? lol
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    Here's what I would do with LED implants if I was rich, I mean like Bill Gates rich. I would get 10-20 thousand field mice and have different color LED's implanted in them and then turn them loose in my neighborhood one evening:mickey:Or maybe some dental implants,or maybe have them implanted in my eyelids. Yeah I guess there is all kinds of wacky stuff you could do with them:)

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