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  1. Ok so I had a question concerning anarcho-communism.
    I always identified anarcho-communism as the most logical form of anarchism (but that's my opinion so let's not get into a big argument over that). But lately I came across a comment by someone pertaining to be an 'anarcho-capitalist' who claimed anarcho-communism wasn't a real form of anarchism but was actually an authoritarian ideology who only masquaraded behind the label anarchism bla bla bla

    But from what I always understood, communism is nothing more than an economic theory that aims to abolish private property and competition among other things, replacing those ideas with a network of federations and collectives that would control the economy. An idea centered more on the "community" (as the etymology of the word would suggest) and the idea of working together instead of against one another.
    Marxism on the other hand is the political theory that aims to bring this economic state about, but communism does not necessarily have to be paired with marxism.

    My question is, is communism political at all, or is it like I believe it to be, merely an economic idea that anarchism and marxism try to realise in their different ways.

    Hopfully that makes sense
  2. anarcho-communism is definitely not an authoritarian ideology, the person who told you that is a capitalist fuck. communism is how you say it is, anarcho-communism is just another one of those dumb "sub-genres" if you might say that people have come up with. take my advice and dont worry about dumb labels, focus on abolishing the state.
  3. TurquoiseRose

    TurquoiseRose Member

    I would say anarcho-communism to be one of the sanest & probably oldest forms of government...or anti-government if you will.

    The premise of keeping each individual equal is the true path to freedom, in my opinion. But then again, to me, freedom is not power (wealth, control, & ownership), it is expression (individuality, voice, & creativity).

    With the stance of communism being to keep a people equally supplied for economically, you find balance. However, put in a stronghold of draconian government & it really doesn't matter what economic system to live by.

    Next, with the abolition of large or even minor governments (assuming that you aren't subscribing to this punk rock light shit on fire, chaos is 'hardcore'-anarchism), you may find yourself helpless & in the dark without an economic system. I guess this is why we think we need government?? Economics & protection?? (Fear?)

    Really, anarcho-communism, with an established bill of rights only enforced by the area's people with a sort of "or we'll kick you our of our town"- policy, is a system of probably the least danger of the ultimate enemy: corruption.

    This is assuming, however, that people open their hearts to the idea of an honest "help thy neighbor" understanding.
  4. good explaination really. theres no other kind of anarchism to me at least besides communal anarchism, individualist and market anarchism to me doesnt make sense.
  5. satchmo395

    satchmo395 Member

    Communism is not political at all, it is strictly economical, but naturally as mentioned it would be impossible and illogical to create an economic society like that without having anarchism.
  6. TGRR

    TGRR Member

    Well, HELLLOOOOO, Captain Generalization!

    Except in the real world, of course.

    Good luck with that. You're fighting more than 6 million years of monkey politics.
  7. MarkW1

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    TurquoiseRose, will you marry me? Of course it would be a common law "marriage"...of course. :)

    Regarding the OP, I think, strickly speaking, communism is only an economic theory, but it seems most people have attached a political aspect to it which makes for a lot of confusion. The word "communism" has been dragged through the mud in an even worse way than the word "anarchism" has.

    Anarcho-communism makes much more sense to me than market anarchism or anarcho-capitalism. And it seems that if anyone had the right to claim that the other's system would lead to an "authoritarian" situation, I'd say that its the anarcho-communists who could say this to the anarcho-capitalists.

    A common complaint of the anarcho-capitalists is that the anarcho-communists don't consider them to even be anarchists at all, since they (we) claim that a different kind of State (private police forces, etc) would likely be the result of anarcho-capitalism.
  8. TurquoiseRose

    TurquoiseRose Member

    Haha! How sweet. Aww, I'm already very much & love with the new surprise of a bun in my lady-oven. Thanks for spreading the cheer though. [​IMG]

    Excellent conversation! Let's all buy an island...
    It all seems so simple. Freakin' dogma! Grrr!
  9. MarkW1

    MarkW1 Member

    Already "married", as I suspected. Oh the sadness :(

    I'm not sure I'll meet another person who appreciates both anarcho-communism and Tim Leary enough to include them in the same post/signature. :)
    (wow, I think i've just reached a new level of nerdiness)
    Best Wishes,
  10. elaborate, when you say "in the real world". and 6 million years ago, if there were humans, there were hunter gatherers who hunted for the entire group, and didnt have a hierarchy, so they could be described as similar to communists. and the revolution against the state is inevitable, so thanks for wishing us luck.

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