Anarchist, I wanna hear your alternatives.

Discussion in 'Protest' started by Share the Warmth, Jun 3, 2007.

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    Yea, he seems to be just another....

    Honestly, the propaganda I was taught as a kid left me with the "knowledge" that "anarchy" was chaos. That you couldn't have anarchy without violent revolution. That actually anarchy and violent revoltion were the same thing. This "knowledge" is a handicap to understanding what anarchy is all about, or more exactly, what anarchy COULD BE.

    I have really never heard of the concept of anarchy being a thing to strive for, but rather it seems to me to be a means to an end. Not the end itself. Otherwise there would be no point. Anarchy should be the act of doing what it takes to create the world you want to live in, not the ultimate goal. Freedom is more than freedom from government telling you what to do. It should also be freedom to live happily, safely and comfortably, without worry that someone will come along and not like your looks or your ideas and be allowed to blow you away just because they don't like what you do. There is no safety in that. Anarchy relates to lack of control. But there is a BIG difference between not being controlled by someone else and controlling yourself. I think anarchy is probably necessary in order to regain CONTROL of our lives, but as a daily lifestyle, it would most likely suck. Most people seek security and anarchy has too many unknowns. Constant anarchy would just be another form of hell.
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    Well then wouldn't it just be a misnomer? I think a lot of the problem seems to be that people attach their own beliefs to a convenient existing label. I mean, in this threadd alone, people have wanted anarchy to be complete absence of government, demonstration against government policies or social institutions, and in one case borderline fascism.

    Talk anyone through a scenario where anarchy is achieved, and certain questions come up which they either don't think of or choose to ignore. The classic is:

    "What if I want to kill people? Is that okay?"
    "It would be against the rules."
    "So what stops me from breaking them?"
    "There would be some kind of [loose description of the police force]."
    "Like a police force?"
    "No, because they'd be [further reinforcement that it is a police force they're talking about/completely unrealistic suggestion baseless in human nature]."
    "Also possibly we would all be so happy that we wouldn't want to do bad things."
    "[hangs self]"
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    I have read some other thoughts from him - some even have a foot on the ground of reality - but he does tend to flee the thread when he has no answer. Maybe he just thinks we are all plebs and do not deserve a response ?. :rolleyes:
  4. but mainly its just you !
    I mean so we get to hear Self Controls dismal idea of what would be the state of anarchy after the capitalist scum had been put in their place

    he seewms to ignore the fact that in Paris the anarchists of the French revolution managed a whole country ! you seem to ignore that the USA is based on the principles established by the french revolution. You ignore the fact that people need society but most of all you have eaten a huge shit dropped by religion - they teach that men are born evil so they do evil
    anarchists belive that humans are born good and that evil is a product of a bad society
    something like that yeah - but more to do with the fact that certain elements seem too interested in preserving this site as some kind of mouthpeice for a broadly American political viewpoint and that the site feigns a youthful rebellious approch by saying "yeah this is real freedom of speech" its not I have my doubts about its provenence and believe the original owners may have sold it - If all your free speech allows you to do is converse in terms of party politics - or else your a moron - then fuck you - I aint into convincing you to become anarchist - you either are an anarchist or you arent - if you want to know about the fucking movement go research it - you want to know what anarchists want - go fucking research it - but as soon as I get bored talking to boring plebs its kinda hard to be enthusiastic - know what I mean ??? just talk to each other - then you'll find out !!!

    so basically fuck you !

    I dont teach anarchy I show anarchy - I believe in anticapitalism - that is all ANTI CAPITALIST that is all I will become an anarchist when that is achieved
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    Where ?.
    Erm imho I think that is so far from the truth it is funny.
    Maybe the brand of politcs you like is not represented here - represent it here - stop bitching and give us your views.

    I've never called you a moron - others may have or may have been rude to you - not me.
    It would be nice to hear what your alternatives are.
    You have not given any alternatives - that is what the thread is about.
    You can say whatever you want as a alternative.

    Trust me i've hit up against ''freedom of speach'' on this site - I don't agree with all the forum policys but have too - like everybody else - abide by them as best I can. ''Shape up or ship out'' is what most people say.
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    Maybe that would've worked without the "just". But Futurama is still funnier and smarter than you.

    Yeah, I totally ignore that. I haven't mentioned it constantly throughout the whole fucking thread to douchebags who made like they didn't or anything.

    Religion teaches that men should aspire to be good though. The message isn't "Original Sin means you might as well just give up and be a ****", it's meant to scare people into being good.

    However, you're the first anarchist I've encountered who believed in good and evil.

    That's really fucking funny right there.
  7. SelfControl

    SelfControl Boned.

    OK, if you're going to say something like this, examples please.

    Seriously, ONE example of a time on this forum when you were actually prevented from expressing your views by someone other than yourself?

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