Analyse this: Pirates, Nana, Motorcycles, Lawnmowers, a bully on a bus, and pokemon

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by dotadave, May 13, 2004.

  1. dotadave

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    Pirates, Nana, Motorcycles, Lawnmowers, a bully on a bus, and pokemon
    Last night I had a crazy but entertaining dream. I started off as a bounty hunter, who had been kidnapped by pirates. I don't remember how but somehow managed to free myself. I got into a big gun fight with the crew of the ship, although at some point my gun became a sword. I swashbuckled my way across the ship through an endless supply of scurvy dogs. My idea to get of the ship was to take one of thier dingies but then I realized I would get blown up by the cannons. (apparently, they were automated since I just killed most of the pirates on the ship) I went down to the hold and used the gun powder of the cannons to make a time bomb. Then I went to the little escape boat and road off. As soon as the cannons were about to fire, the bomb triggers, destroying the ship and killing the captain whose dead-or-alive bounty I'm after.

    I come home and my grandmother is visiting. I get into an argument with my family over something, I don't remember what, but then I find out that my grandmother has claimed the bounty I had worked so hard for and refuses to give me the money. Disgusted I leave the house. Incidentally, the house I leave is my grandmother's old house in Memphis. Anyways, I storm out, hoped on a motorcycle and left.

    On the highway, I notice there are some problem with the steering. Also for some reason, traffic is reversed, everbody including myself, drives on the left. Still I pull over to the right on the highway, which means I'm on the median. Knowing nothing about motorcycle repair, I eventually break something on the bike with a frustrating complex spring system. Luckly, it just so happens a guy mowing the grass on the median just happens to stop by, sees me in trouble and decides to help. At this point I'm covered in motor oil. He manages to fix the spring system but I abandon the motor cycle for an indefinate pariod in the future and hitch a ride on a bus that just pulls up.

    Who just happens to be on the bus but an obnoxious asshole I knew in High School, Mike Jones. (No relation) He gives me a hard time when I sit down next to him so much that I get into a fist fight with him that I lose. I wind up getting a black-eye, in spite of being able to take on an army of pirates earlier in the dream, but the bus continues on as if nothing happens. The others on the bus, all of whom are my age judge me to be an asshole because they aren't aware of my previous relationship with mike. They misunderstand, and think I only got into a fight with him because I was bullied in high school.

    We stop at a lodge for the night. The people that run the lodge are curious about what happened to my eye. The crack jokes about me having problems at home. I'm advised by one of the others on the bus to tread carefully because the people that run the lodge are conservative. Mike wants to sit next to me so he can mess with me some more. I tell him, "Go away!" He asks me why and I tell him, "because I DO NOT like you." He feigns an expression of being hurt and the people that own the lodge say something to the effect of "we don't like that sort of language around here."

    Eventually someone turns on the TV and an episode of pokemon is on. The plot of the episode was really weird. Ash Katchum meats his real father, an american guy. There is some pokemon on the lose that the father genetically engineered that's killing people. I have trouble remembering the rest of the dream at this point but at some point D-money appears out of nowhere to say how he would rather watch something more violent, but we keep watching the show anyway. Near the end of the show I start MST3king it, when my old neighbor from jefferson commons, Ashleigh shushs me. The dream ended with the end of the episode.
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    That's insane. I had a dream I was in my ex boyfriend's front yard at his old house and I found a baby alpaca, but he wouldn't look at it because he was petting a miniature deer. I was so pissed! I was like "How often do you see a fucking baby alpaca in your front yard, you asshole!"....possibly supporting my strong belief of the fact that he will never see anything like me again and should have appreciated it. So, I decided to take the alpaca home and was putting him in my son's car seat. Then it turned into a baby that looked a lot like mine, so I thought, "Maybe my grandmother will babysit him, since he looks so much like Noah."

    I want to be a pirate, though. I had a dream that I married an Indian chief and became a bounty hunter and was trying to track down the Pope. I never figured that one out. :)
  3. dotadave

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    How often do you see a miniature deer? Oh and what's an alpaca?

    Wow! I'd like that second one to come true, although change the Indian chief to a chieftress.
  4. HappyHaHaGirl

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    It looks like a llama, but it's cuter. I want one for Christmas. Also, if you're a sheep herder, they come in handy because they guard the sheep and kick the shit out of foxes and wolves that try to eat them. :)

    I was attacked by a baby deer when I was a kid. It was awful. :)

    My Indian husband was so hot. His name started with a "K," and I'm still searching for him. So many of my dreams come true....I'm sure he's out there. Unless it was a "c," and it's really ChiefCowpie....
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    Here we go, you are plagued by thoughts of a past life where your fear of the sea led to facing you fear where you learnt from your bounty hunting aunt. for some reason your auntie remindes you of a pokemon, was she a fad at one stage of her life?.... does she keep churning out rubbish merchandise? Ofcourse you wanted a motorcycle when you were younger.. maybe you have been thinking about your childhood recently...some sort of past problem...did you do sumthing you weren't too proud of??? Were you bullied as a child and when you tried to tell your father he couldn't hear you cause he was busy mowing the lawn. So as I have proven every problem can be traced back to your childhood.

    and why waste billionsa of $ on a guy who lets you speak when you join and a forum and get me to tell you why you are insane..

    would make a good book...

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