Anal stimulation cancels out erection...

Discussion in 'Oral and Anal Sex' started by Joshoa, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Joshoa

    Joshoa Member

    I have only recently started exploring solo anal stimulation after reading about orgasms from Aneros toys and such. While I do enjoy the anal stimulation I have found that I have a difficult time getting an erection with anything in my ass. Is this very common? Have many other men experienced something like this.

    I have no problem at all getting an erection if there is no anal stimulation.
  2. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    Sometimes I masturbate when I have one of my anal stimulation items inserted.
    I like just letting the cum squirt out all over my stomach.
    It doesn't bother me if I have an erection during anal play or not & just feels so stimulating regardless.
  3. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    I experience this most of the time whenever I have Anal Sex. As soon as I'm penetrated I lose my erection, by if my partner gets the thrust & angle right, thus stimulating the prostate, I can still get to orgasm (and an extremely powerful orgasm it can be too) & ejaculate whilst entirely flaccid, with no physical contact even being made to the penis.
  4. tommyhot

    tommyhot Member

    Perfectly normal. As soon as I start stroking though it get right back up again! Cumming while filled is VERY INTENSE! Awesome as hell!
  5. Cherea

    Cherea Senior Member

    Happens to me as well, if anal stimulation gets too deep.
  6. Joshoa

    Joshoa Member

    It is good to hear that this is not all that uncommon.

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