An Overview of the Effects and Pharmacology of the Opioid Drugs

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by etkearne, Jun 7, 2011.

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    good read
  2. Very nice ET. (your name is hard to pronounce so I'm nick-naming you ET now haha. I love the info. I had a friend who got hooked on opis when we were 14 by the time we were 16 he had been to rehab at least twice and by our senior year(18yrs old) he ODed. We had a MASSIVE Vicodin, Xanax, soma, and to a certain extent oxy problem at my high school. We were on the news more than once for ppl falling out in class. My friends addiction/OD woke up a lot of ppl. I still ended up with a really bad problem but I was still huge on harm reduction if that's at all possible when your in the throws of a serious addiction. Hopefully this will help ppl stay safe and not cause anymore harm than they already have. Have you done anything on darvocet or Demerol or stuff like that. I've only used darvocet a few times when I was super low on tolerance back in the day but never had Demerol or some of the other synthetics I'd love to hear about those.
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    I don't think Demerol is used much any more, and I think Darvocet was taken off the market for causing heart problems.
  4. I know what you mean. My tolerance went up quickly when I started taking Tramadol only in the course of a few days. The feeling is great for the first few days and after that you itch to pop a few more for the same buzz. One time it made me throw up and break into a cold sweat due to upping my dosage. This is the type of drug I would only consider using once in a while, because of the tolerance issue and all of the dangers you mentioned in your post.
  5. I lost the thread that originally lead me to this site, the person wanted to know about mixing benzos and opiates so he could mix them and get a good high. I have been mixing, not really paying attention to the fact that Ativan is a benzo, I didn't bother to check or give a fuck. I've been lucky I guess. On Ativan and Vicodine for 2 years, and an anti anxiety med. And Soma. And Depakote. And a nerve blocker. (3 car accidents, thank you) All together, I was doing pretty fine. This weekend after a root canal, where I suddenly needed 4 to 5 vicodine, and they just increased the dosage of my ativan and gabipenten...I wanted to tell the person mixing isn't so fking great. I ended up in a black out, drove 3 hours out of town, in a blackout mind you, ended up at some time share event and signed up for some timeshare that not only do I not want, I can't afford, and looking at the check I used- I had to go through 4 checks because I couldn't even sign my own name, or write the name of the company I was paying to, I have no idea how I made it home. How I didn't get pulled over. Everything is a blur, a daze and I then was plagued by dark entities, the scary bad trip kind. If something works for someone else great, for me, I don't ever want to touch an opiate again. I was born addicted to heroin, my father died a junkie, alone in a hospital from liver failure, my mother was a junkie and has barely any mind left, and I don't see her, she has MS, and more health problems than anybody has a right too, and still an opiate addict. I am a little frightened by how commonplace drug use is today and how nonchalant it seems we all are- at least I was, and I've buried friends and family from overdoses and liver failure- these are not candy or children's toys. I think they should be treated with respect and used the way they were intended and not as an escape from daily life, to check out or get high. The high feeling is brain cells dying, you are actually in what people call the valley of the shadow- you are in the land of death. i think these drugs should be treated more seriously. But then, the drug industry- prescription and illegal- make far too much money off keeping everyone high. They don't want an awake, aware, present population, they want people to stay asleep. They are easier to control and feed off of then. It is big business, big money- and a big price. Ourselves. You can all hate me for saying this, I know a lot of people want to stay high, stay asleep in that cocoon, that warm sweet sick decay place of numb nothingness. I did. But the cost is too high for me today. I died once already from heroin. And spent a lifetime trying to stay in the darkness. I don't want to do that anymore. I want to live today. I think I'll try staying in the light.
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    good thread etkearne
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    Great read. Much needed post!
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    is there a way to get a euphoric high on valium and suboxone and gabapentin?
  9. I don't know if anyone else mentioned this (sorry for not reading the whole thread), but although bup (suboxone, subutex) DOES have a ceiling effect...the ceiling effect does NOT kick in at 6 or 8 mg like the OP says.
    The ceiling effect kicks in somewhere in between 24 and 32 mgs. (that is not to say that most people need anywhere near that dose- as 32 mg's daily is usually only given if someone is coming off methadone and 24 mg's would be for at FIRST if someone is coming off a couple bundles daily.)... but in any case, the ceiling kicks in no where near 6 or 8 mg.
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    good info!! thanks for the good read!!

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