An Innocent

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Zaerin, May 22, 2004.

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    An Innocent

    An Innocent lies when only it’s heart is on the line,

    It breathes deeply and holds itself upright,

    Stiff and sure it wonders,

    And cries out in it’s heart felt voice

    That God does not look upon us and sigh,

    With love and tenderness,

    Instead we are kept, locked out of our dreams,

    And our liberties, our liberties

    That welcome us home, are gone,

    Far out of the spring willed hatch of darkness we call life,

    And into the supreme gardens of the deities.

    And on and on we travel to find them,

    But to no avail, they will not be sought

    Because through our corruption and our wealth,

    We grew unwary and spoilt

    Of our own discrepancies

    Which will eventually destroy us

    But until then, let us dance

    And live, and cry,

    And love, and want.

    Because, life is destructible,

    But it has not been destructed yet.
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    hahaha did you know that your posts have to be 10 character long. "smiling" is just waaaay to short for the hipforum arses. i love you xxxx

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