An asexual relationship!!

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Scorpion88, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. AutumnAuburn

    AutumnAuburn Senior Member

    I was a passionate person who lost her drive... Then I did self-hypnosis... And for the last five years, I've been a total nympho! You might wanna give it a try... :)
  2. i think you're a selfcentered a-hole really, you can't kid yourselve and you can't kid him, you take away from him his time and his chance of being happy with somebody that's completely happy with him.
    You should really learn to appreciate what you have, not many people know true love in a relationship. And really it's quite normal that one forgets that young attraction, that first young love. ALthough that surfaces from time to time when you don't have all kinds of stupid things to think of. I believe if you go chase every physical desire you have, you'll wound up very unhappy.
    My advice, find yourselves, learn to appreciate what you have and be truthfull to both yourself and your partner. The feeling that you're captured and bored most possibly comes from the idea in your head that there might be something better out there and that your worth it, it's always the same, pretension it's called. Once you lose this idleness you'll have a lot more chance of finding happiness. Because it's not the body but the mind that makes you who you are. What could be more important than love.
    Do not take love lightly, do not try to fool it.
  3. Scorpion88

    Scorpion88 Member

    I respect your opinion,however,not to be called an a.,hole!

    I don't believe that you have fully understand my posts, neither, I don't make my partner stay with me infact,he wo'nt leave, and how can some body of your age be fully experienced to be able to understand and give advice to me anyway?,true about the first love nobody ever forgets.
    True, yes time apart would be good to sort each other minds out, but what to do when neither can live with out each other?, Also when there is a child here, and he would be on the street and without an job, and lose a good job reference due to me being so selfish as to letting him go!
    Nothing in life is so black and white and when you've been on this planet as long as I have you will understand.
    I fully appreciate your views, and thankyou for your post maybe in a few years I hoope you don't ever have a situation such as mine.

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