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Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by skip, Dec 16, 2006.

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    That guide is USER supported with USER content. In fact there are well over 1,000 personal reviews on it, so how can you blame one person?

    Why haven't YOU contributed something useful to the guide, esp. if you think it's not correct?

    So if it's not up to your standard, it's YOUR fault, because YOU should be contributing, and not complaining about it.

    Got it?

    Anyone can submit a review, and apparently only 45 are popular enough to have gotten one. BTW, there are no longer 300 coffeeshops in Amsterdam, so your info is OUT OF DATE.
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    Has anyone ever visited "LOST In Amsterdam"?
    When me and the lads went last year we spent most of our time there. Were going again in about 10 days and I really can't wait to go there again.

    Apart from that review posted by Skip, does anyone know of anywere else we should try out?
    Looking for more places with a really laid back astmosphere, and somewere we can just have a laugh.

    Heres us in "LOST" last year


    (L-R) Andy, Mark, Chris, John, Danny, Matt, Me)
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    That's not true. I've been to Amsterdam twice this year and got alcohol in Hill Street Blues and in that tropical type one...erm...Cannae? The three storey one with pool tables n all. They can't SELL alcohol and weed on the same floor but they can be consumed together. Unless this has come in since July 2007??? Not really a big problem though IMO - if you need alcohol then you're not rolling your joints properly :spliff:
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    I think the Europe forum needs a Netherlands’ Best Coffeeshop Guide, rather than an Amsterdam (AMS) guide. Between YouTube and The Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory (ACD) at

    which covers all coffeeshops in the Netherlands; for the most part, AMS coffeeshops are all pretty well reviewed/documented.

    I’m going to Holland in April and only plan to stay in AMS for a few days: I think that the gear is overpriced relative to other parts of Holland. I’m going to some provinces/cities (e.g., like Enschede and surrounds) with plenty of coffeeshops (with better prices on the same best gear) and send an update to the ACD on coffeeshops that now have Websites which previously didn’t. From a coffeeshop perspective, I’m staying away from places like Eindhoven and Maastricht: A lot of their coffeeshops look like a new wave condo on a blunt; and they’re major university cities which keeps the gear prices at about the same level as AMS.

    I’m a newbie on this forum, so please excuse my rambling.


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    I would visit coffee shops in Herengracht and Waterlooplein.
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