Amotivational Syndrome

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by john_the_pothead, May 18, 2004.


    I actually have noticed that i don't give a fuck about a lot of things which used to be important to me, such as grades and homeworkand wanting to go to a good college, be rich and successful, now i just wanna have fun...

    but i've always been pretty lazy and never was really that great at doing homework

    has anyone else noticed a loss of motivation since they started using pot?
  2. twoseeeyes

    twoseeeyes Member

    It's not that pot causes amotivational syndrome it's just the issues surrounding it can consume little chunks of time when you could've been doing something else.
  3. yeah, but right now i have homework i could be doing, but im not gonna do it, because i don't care...i would rather be posting on here...

    don't get me wrong, in no way do i regret doing the pot, but this makes me think there might be psychological effects...maybe its just that i realized there's more to life than getting good grades

    yeah, thats probably it, i was just made aware that i prefer to slide by in school and live it up
  4. Newbie

    Newbie Member

    john, we're the same age and i'm going through the exact same shit. i mean i could be studying for finals, cause they start tomorrow... but im not. lol
  5. twoseeeyes

    twoseeeyes Member

    Get high and do your homework. What you do at your age will bite you in the ass later.
  6. the problem w/ that is my dad is home, so i cant smoke, but i think it would really help...

    how hard does it bite you in the ass... im fuckin bummin right now... i feel like im throwing my life away, everyone tells me how goddamn smart i am and i got a fuckin 32 on my ACT...but my GPA is like 2.5/4 this year or something like that...
  7. twoseeeyes

    twoseeeyes Member

    While I could've been spending 4 years in a nice college, i'm working full-time and going to community college. Everything can be repaired, but it's hard work when you close doors of opportunity in yourself. A 2.5 Isn't that bad, but you definitely have to retain it..
  8. yeah i think im ok, ill probably get into a decent college, because fresh. and soph years i got like a 3.1/4 or maybe even higher, so my combined GPA is around 3/4, and i take all advanced classes so my class rank is in the top half or third...

    i think the reason im freaking out is because my dad is really sucessful and stuff and he's really dissappointed in me and shit like that, and he keeps telling me how he can't trust me anymore because ive skipped class a couple times and he has an idea that i smoke pot...

    whatever, i dont really care...i could really use a little marijuana right now...
  9. Velouria

    Velouria Member

    I didn't study before I smoked pot. Now that I smoke I still don't study. I have a 4.0 but I guess it's just because I have a good memory or something. I'm hoping I won't have to study in college either.
  10. bertrose

    bertrose Member

    Same with me man. I used to be a good student, but now all i think about is pot...which sucks ass. Im retaining a 3.4/4.0 GPA. I think i should quit smoking...atleast slow down...because my future still means alot to me...i mean i don't NOT care...i just would rather smoke pot...and thats not a healthy attitude to have...

  11. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    When I first started smoking pot I smoked it everyday for a good year or two. Then I couldnt get money or dope for about 3-4 weeks, at the beginning of the 3rd week I noticed my reflex's where faster when I played video games. then I started smoking weed again every day and my reactions have slowed down a little, but not so much that I seem retarded or anything :p.
  12. SagaciosuKJB

    SagaciosuKJB Member

    I've never really done that well in school, mainly because I coudln't force myself to waste my time doing those meaningless assignments. I've always been a self-sufficient learner in the aspect of reading books.

    The only thing I notice I don't care about anymore since I've started smoking pot is all the meaningless, social high school bullshit. I never really cared that much before, but now when so and so is going out with so and so, I wonder where people's time went to be talking about things as trivial as that.

    I notice that I don't really have that many aspirations for great wealth anymore. I'd rather just have a humple simple life.

    In my opinion, pot let's you gain greater contact with your subconscious, and then you learn what you truly want. It also allows you to see the pure beautry of the world for the moment when you're high. Since then, I've learned to just forget about everything that's deemed "important" by society (not myself) and just enjoy life.

    Now, has it made me lazy? No way. I do so much more things now that I've started smoking pot. I box; I play guitar; I write more. I'm even a lot more complicit and willing to do chores that I once regarded as tedious. Now I look at them as a time to reflect and learn about things you can't learn about from a book. I once spent an hour kicking a bucket full of water and monitoring the ripples; experimenting with angles; things like that. It's almost as if now, I don't just look at something and see it as what it is; I see it as how it works. I can look at a bong now, and instead of just seeing a bong, I start thinking about the science to how it works. I also think about the science behind society and human nature.

    Pot doesn't make you lazy or unmotivated, it just wakes up you and makes you forget about the trivial bullshit.
  13. Fractual_

    Fractual_ cosmos factory

    i call this stoneritis.

    and i disagree, sometimes the stuff you forget about isnt so trivial, although to a certain extent, i do agree with you.
  14. bertrose

    bertrose Member

    Well, with me, now that i've started pot, i've been trying to become more active so no one would really know that i smoke pot. Like if my parents tell me to do something, i don't like walk around like a zombie after my parents telling me to do something the thousandth time. i do it the first time. All just so they don't think im on something...


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