American Rhapsody

Discussion in 'Books' started by tigerlily, Jan 4, 2005.

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    i just checked this out from the library... it looks good, but i haven't heard anything about it... has anybody else read it?

    here's a brief description.. i thought about asking in one of the political forums, but didn't know which one...

    The Setting: Washington, Hollywood, and the landscape of the American Republic

    The Writer: Joe Eszterhas, ex-Rolling Stone reporter, National Book Award nominee for Charlie Simpson's Apocalypse, and screenwriter of such blockbusters as Basic Instinct and Jagged Edge.

    The Stars: Bill and Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Al Gore, John McCain, Ken Starr, and Monica Lewinsky.

    The Supporting Players: Warren Beatty, James Carville, Sharon Stone, Larry Flynt, Vernon Jordan, Linda Tripp, Matt Drudge, and Bob Packwood.

    The Story: The most basic, and basest, in many years- an up-close and personal look at the people who run our world. A tale filled with humor, tragedy, romance; suspence, absurdity, and high drama; and, of course, lots and lots of sex.

    that was off the inside book cover...

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