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    This is a review of the AMD R Nano video card which is notable only for its tiny size and low power draw. Its small size is made possible by using faster HBM2 memory, which means the normally faster gpu chip can produce the same frame rates using less memory. What the reviewer did not remark upon, was that the extremely expensive HMB2 memory is about to be replaced with even faster and cheaper HBM4 just coming on the market this summer, and this tiny video card is a taste of things to come. The whole point in shrinking electronics like this is to save costs.

    A single 30w chip in a laptop doesn't require a huge power supply or liquid cooling or anything expensive to run, and future ones will inevitably become powerful enough to run any video game or VR application at 4k and high frame rates but, in the meantime, we are likely to see graphics cards shrink in size as it becomes cheaper and easier to stack up to 64gb at a time on the same chip with the gpu. That's just the amount of memory that, I believe, anyone in the in the industry has any real clue how to use in any consumer graphics at this time, easily the equivalent of at least six times that amount of GDDR6, and somewhere around what you would want for real time ray tracing, serious AI research today, and the best VR experience, that is all definitely coming within a decade in one convenient small package that is so low powered the first solar powered laptop screens are already on the market.
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