Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by darkain, Apr 9, 2007.

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    I suggest ordering Siberian Amanita Muscaria Caps (Grade A). Those are the ones I bought awhile back. I ate about 4-5 g's and it felt like I had taken 300mg's of DXM (just a bit lighter). I could not manage to eat any more. I was originally planning on eating 10-14g's but they just got more and more disgusting as I ate more until I gagged when I even put a piece in my mouth and I had to strop eating them. I threw up somewhere around 30 minutes later. It wasn't bad actually. Puking on DXM is the worst feeling EVER. VERY hard and projectile. Amanita puking was soft and 2 heaves and I was done and felt much better. The feeling laster a few hours, not sure how long.

    They're worth a shot easily. I'd suggest going for the resin to avoid having to eat the disgusting things. My friend made a tea, which to me, also tasted disgusting as shit. He never had anyway. We ended up throwing most of what we bought away. Popping a gram of that resin is like eating 10g's of the shrooms.

    Other plants I've seen numerous good reports on are Kratom and Kava Kava
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    Near my old apartment in Humboldt there was a HUGE Amanita Muscaria patch, i mean huge, tons of mushrooms, the baby ones poppin outa the ground the size of baseballs and the mature ones the size of frisbees, simply beautiful, as for what they do to ya its not as pretty, in our experiances you need to have respect for this one, for dosaging is extremely difficult as no two mushroom contains the same concentration of chemicals, the quality of trips is erratic because of this, for some will make you trip out whilst some will give you an upset stomach, or both or not even do anything at all. mushrooms even have concentration changes between seasons, for a happy trip I have heard to pick in august. all that jive about having to dry them out a certain way or else they'll kill you is silly, you can eat them raw, they're actualy more powerful raw, and since they're so big you can grill one up much the same way as a portabello. Amanita Muscaria tea at first doesnt seem to taste that bad but upon further sips it makes me gag to all hell. The Trip is different from other mushrooms, its.... well the only way I could put it as is you are more likely to meet up with somthing, god maybe whatever it is? who knows...
    Thats basicaly what I know, oh yeah if you drink hella water and clean out your system before taking them you can drink your piss following the trip and trip out even harder as your body acts as a filter and the "good" chems pass through in your piss.[​IMG]
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    i thought that was only true for psylocyblin shrooms
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    thought what was only true for psilocybes?
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    The pee thing.
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    nope only for amanita muscaria

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