Am I over reacting?

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by andezzz, May 19, 2013.

  1. andezzz

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    My girl friend's friend group are mainly boys and while I never met them in person, she tells me things and they just seem to have really douche-y personalities and I can't imagine ever wanting to meet them from the way they treat other girls.

    I'm meeting my girlfriend next week and she met up with one guy friend of hers who's one of her close friends and he asked her "if I was good in bed". To me, that invades my privacy in a way even though he was 'teasing' her about it but I thought it was a real douche move. Is it normal for me to react this way or should I also see the 'funny' side of this...because I really want to kick his ass right now. So I just told my girl that I don't really care what she says as long as she doesn't tell me about it in the future because it just pisses me off to no end. I just felt like I was some sort of object, maybe that's what her friends do in their spare time.
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    i don't think you're overreacting. even if he was joking, it's kinda rude to say something like that about you when he doesn't know you. i would talk to your girlfriend about how you feel when her guy friends make jokes and act like that. i wouldn't go as far as kicking his ass, but next time you see him, tell him to stop with the douchey-ness and if he doesnt, he'll pay.
  3. Victoria1987

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    I think you have every right to be uncomfortable. Some people aren't comfortable having their sex lives discussed like that, and that's perfectly understandable.

    It is a bit douchey, but some guys talk like that with their friends. Some girls do too, myself included. And seeing as how these guys are your girlfriend's friends, you'll probably have to meet them at some point, and it's usually a good idea to at least try to get along with your significant other's friends. When that happens, have your girlfriend tell them to not be perverts around you because it makes you uncomfortable. That'll usually do the trick.

    Even the most perverted people out there can behave themselves when they know that being a creep isn't acceptable in the current situation. Who knows? You might get along well with them.
  4. Kahlan

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    I think a lot of it depends on whether or not they are just having some fun with her cause she is their friend, or if there is a sense that there is underlying seriousness and disrespect going on. Close friends will often be rather undignified and crude around each other. You're the girlfriend of the friend so you are "fair game" as far as theya re concerned. They assume that because you two are together then you must be similar in that way. It's possible they do not even "get it."

    One thing is true, you will begin to get to know them and form a more solid opinion than you have now, which is more a "sense" than knowing for sure. Also, if it continues to offend, don't put up with it, guys tend to be emotionally tough and are not easily offended so I doubt you will hurt their feelings by calling them out.

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