Am I getting too involved??

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by NYTweaker, May 19, 2007.

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    I tried shrooms for the first time last summer ('06) but didn't trip due to smoking a cigarette and throwing up... I "tripped" for the first time last friday at a bunch of my friends' house up at college, and again this past thursday when I got home at a friends house... My parents are going to Toronto next weekend, and I plan on having people over to drink one night and tripping on an 1/8 one night (I Previously did 2 G's and then 3 G's)... So far ive been tripping hard but really enjoying I tripping out too much??
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  3. Willy_Wonka_27

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    its subjective, but id say no, your fine.
  4. Brutalshroom

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    It's all about moderation. follow that code and you'll be good.
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    well physically absolutely not, you could trip every 3-4 days and be fine, and even if you tripped every day, the only bad thing about it would be you'd get a crazy tolerance. shrooms are so gentle on your body.

    only you know what you can handle mentally and spiritually. nobody else can decide that for you :).
  6. be careful though. while its next to impossible to overdose on mushrooms in a way that would cause physcial harm or death there are all sorts of arguements to be made about what might constitute a "mental overdose."

    there have been cases where prolonged shroom use or extremely high dose trips have led to the emergence of temporary process schitzophrenia in some individuals. Its happened to people I've known and nearly detroyed their lives. One friend was sent repeatedly into mental institutions for about 2 months after a series of encounters with some very potent shrooms taken in several consecutive and stressful settings.

    if you're at the point of asking if you're doing to much then by asking the question you might also be answering it.

    also keep on eye on the level of fantasy or the fantastic that permeates everyday reality and your normal thoughts. Its easy to become confused and assuming about the mysterious and powerful nature of mushrooms, don't let your emotional reaction to them be the extent of your consultation for making decisions about mushrooms, youself and the relationship between with the two of you.

    my advice is to start doing some recreational research about mushrooms and the greater psychedelic experience. there's a lot more to know about them then you realize and since you never know what you scenarios you might encounter in the midst of a trip, its good to be prepared with a deep and intellectual understanding on which to build on with your experiences.
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    ^^^Good advice^^^ Yeah man, a personal X-friend of mine regularly used mushrooms for 4 months staright just about everyday. He really messed up his life and didnt have a grasp on reality. He turned into a schitzo and was living on the streets for almost a year. Its sad really, he turned his back on his family and his friends. He was too involved in his own world to realize what reality outside of psychedelics was. Dropping out permenently is a better way to put it. He finally went back home, but he supposed to take psych drugs for his "imbalance", unfortunently he doesnt. Instead, because he cant get ahold of shrooms he smokes PCP just to be able to drop out of reality.

    Its okay to do in moderation. But, in everyday use I would highly suggest not.
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    PCP? Christ. That's some dangerous shit. The real word is but a shadow of a dream on PCP. Anything can happen. anything.

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