am i crazy?

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Synesthesia75, Jun 5, 2006.

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    Someone please help me figure out this dream:

    (note: i paid as much attention to detail as possible because this is one of the few dreams in which i can remember detail.)

    Well, this dream starts out with me walking through this mall. Then i come to this small stand with these strange shaped plastic crystals sitting on it enclosed in a glass case. i can't really describe them, except they were each a different color. Next , some guy was standing next to me, he seemed important, and told me to choose a crystal. Each crystal did something different, and i can't really remember what. Before i could choose, im standing back and watching everything from almost third person, im not really interacting with what is going on, but im not "there" either. So now there is a big screen projecting some guys face, he's got a slight five oclock shadow and looks like a "dark" person. This girl is standing in front of him, and he's accusing her of steeling something. now i feel like im her and me at the same time, i can see it from two different points of view. He said that if she gave whatever it was seh took back, she wouldnt be in trouble. Then all of a sudden she was going down this escalator that really looked like it was in a tv (only 2 dimensional) but could still move down it. I still felt like i could see it from her point of view. This is where i become very confused. I am floating above this room that is coffin shaped , and this girl (not sure if it's the same girl, and she can't see me) is in this dirty green shmock (sp?) with gross greasy, tangled hair (she's blond). She looks pale and very, very scared, and there's something crazy going on in her eyes, more like confusion than anything. She has these padded cuffs on her wrists. The worse part is, she is letting out the most terrified scream i've ever heard, it gave me a sickening, terrified feeling in my chest, and i felt like i could feel her fear and confusion. I could see through the door and down the hall, there was an endless line of rooms on each side.

    Sorry if the thoughts seem a little scattered, it's hard to reconstruct a dream in detail. if someone could please explain this, i'd be relieved. I also have a few more dreams that kind of terrified me that i'll post over the next few days.

  2. omgimmatt

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    i didnt read that but yes, you are crazy. jk (sorry for the bs post)

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