Alternative frugal ways of living?

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  1. Cob houses are some of the most inexpensive, energy-efficient, sturdy homes in the world. Cob is a material traditionally made mostly of clay or sand from the Earth.

    These homes have lasted for over 500 years in places in the UK where it was quite common to use a type of mud/sand substance to make cheap homes and buildings.

    These homes are very well insulated due to the thick, hard, compact clay substance. Very easy to heat, and keep cool.

    All in all, if you want to make a small one room home, it will run you up about $300-$400. Which is what my husband and I are doing. We don't need much room. But if we do for some reason, it's very easy to expand the home if you need to.

    Usually the technique is done by making brick-like logs out of the clay and smoothing it down, layer by layer. On average, the wall will be at least a foot to two feet thick.

    There are also other forms of Earthen building. Such as: Waddle-and-daub, straw bale, earth bag, and others.

    Do research on the subject, and you'll see just how achievable this can be. Anyone with hands and a lot of elbow grease to spare, is able to do this!
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    To you Van dwellers, past and present: Where do you squat for free without getting hassled by people or police? I could see it being less of a problem if you were constantly roaming, moving about on a daily basis, but gas is expensive. I've been hassled just taking a nap in a car, in a Wal-Mart parking lot, and where I live, you park your car on the side of a country road or even an interstate rest stop for a few hours and you'll have the state popo (or worse) tapping at your window.
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    So whataya all say we start our own tribal commmunity? Live in harmony with the land. It would take some planning. And money. But I have time and money! :ssmokeit:
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    I'm not in America so granted my experiences may not relate directly to the issues over there. However I've been a van dweller for about 7 years. I've travelled most of Europe and have had very few problems from locals or Police etc. All of the problems I have had have been when travelling in a group of other vehicals, people seem to take exception to that and view it as a kind of invasion.

    The best places have been the coastal areas particularly those with a reasonable surfing scene. Nobody ever questions a truck pulling up and camping over night or even for a few days. I find a lone truck rarely draws attention, infact I've had far more friendly and decent experiences than people telling me to move on.

    Van dwelling is quite different to having a camper and using it to sleep and travel. If you're going to live in a van you've got to be properly set-up with the right equipment and space to live. I have a fairly large converted truck which is very comfortable. I have my own chemical toilet and most other comforts.

    Also helpful is an available network of places to park-up or stay for longer periods. Here in the UK there are a few 'off-grid' communities who gladly accept a friend which gives me a chance to rest and work.

    There's so much I could go into detail about, but that would bore folk. It has it's pros/cons but essentially it's not like living in a house on the road, you've got to set yourself up and be wise with what you choose to live in :)
  5. if one is willing to do a little hard work and saving, you could easily set up a small homestead. If you go offgrid with water and electric you only have to worry about land taxes, which if you sell some live stock every year, or have a small business selling some sort of craft you could easily do it. And again homesteading, you could grow all your own veggies or raise animals or both if your a proud omnivore. I am interesting in these two books teaches one to build an underground house from 50-500 dollars teaches one to build a completely self sufficient cabin, as well as living off the grid
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  7. I love the idea, but I don't have a license, or car...but I would totally do it.

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