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Discussion in 'DMT' started by Desos, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. Desos

    Desos Senior Member

    so a little while ago i order some mhrb online.

    then i got some naptha from a hardware store, but they weren't selling lye.

    but i just hit up a new hardware store that was kind of far away and they had some lye.

    yea!!! now i have everything i need to make some dmt!!
  2. dynamickid

    dynamickid Hemp Farmer

  3. Desos

    Desos Senior Member

    alright, so i figure i might as well run this tek by you guys, incase anyone has any input. currently registering at dmt nexus and ill post the same thing there.

    so im going to boil the dmt a water-white vinegar solution for a few hours, and then let the solution sit in a container overnight so that any 'vegetable sludge' settles at the bottom

    meanwhile ill take my leftover wet mhrb powder and put it in a lye - water solution, and let it sit for an hour. after that i'll start doing some naptha pulls. after a few naptha pulls ill place the naptha in a jar and slowly cool it to freezing temperatures to preciptate any dmt crystals.

    im going to save the leftover basic solution containing the mhrb powder, lye, and water. tomorow ill go buy some xylene and do a few pulls with it to extract any jungle spice.

    then when i wake up in the morning i might have a few dmt crystals precipitated in my jars, which i will then seperate from the naptha and probably refreeze the naptha. i will also have my main dmt-containing solution of the vinegar-watar solution waiting for me. i'll pour it out and get rid of anything that forms at the bottom.

    then i will mix in some lye with it, and then start doing naptha pulls. i'll keep my pulls seperate and start cooling them off to freezing temperature. after a few pulls ill do some xylene pulls for jungle spice.

    at this point ill also start pulling the other base solution with xylene. then i'll pool all the xylene together -- seperating the different extractions though -- and start evaporating it.

    then ill just keep freezing my naptha until crystals precipitate, and cleaning as neccesary.

    im so ready for this!
  4. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    holy smokes, good luck!

    either this or mescaline is my next oddysey
  5. Desos

    Desos Senior Member

    yea, it's pretty exciting lol. i hope this works out. i ended up with nothing from my straight to base pulls from overnight freezing, but the ratios were wrong and theoretically this shouldn't have any dmt in it anyway. i just figured i would do this just incase any was left over.

    so i went up and fixed the ratios and repulled the naptha.

    theyre sitting in the freezer now, and im waiting for the a/b extraction to settle so i can do some pulls from it -- which theoretically is the real source of the dmt.
  6. I know when it comes to extracting you learn as you go. It seems we can never follow directions excatly as we find them, making our own as we go. I wouldnt even cook your mhrb in a salt solution. powder it add enough distilled water to make it soupy then add 1tbsp lye (NaOH) per 150ml of mhrb soup. allow to basify for at least 30 min. Pull with your naphtha using a ratio of 2:1 3x, using fresh solvant each time. Evap. The extract should be fairly clean. If not dissolve extract in 150ml distilled water which has been basified with 1tbsp NaOH (lye). Then re-extract. The volume of solvant needed is reduced. You should use a ratio of 1:1 3x. The final product after the second extraction will be a considerably cleaner final product.

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