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Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by check., Feb 18, 2009.

  1. check.

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    i was burning incense and my dad thought he smelled pot, so he got all suspicious and searched my room, and found my bowl.

    it was weird, my mom was all upset because shes against smoking in general, and thinks that pot is really bad for you (apparently it stunts your mental development) but my dad only was upset because it's illegal. they still overreacted soooo much though, my dad was pissed cause if the police decide to search our house (?) then they would get in trouble for having a bowl. it was so dumb though, like they think that im gonna go to jail for ten years or something if i keep a bowl in my room.

    anyway, it sucks even more cause this weekend is my birthday weekend and i was going to the shore with my friend (and we werent even going to smoke) but now im not allowed to drive for 2 weeks. i dont really care at all, i mean, its really not very harsh im just REALLY pissed i cant go to the shore now, cause ive been looking forward to it for the entire month. and it was like, my only birthday present too.

    fuck. im going to try and guilt trip them by saying how the only thing i wanted to do for my birthday was to go to the shore and get away from all the stress of school and shit. any other suggestions as to what i could tell them? like convince them that weed isnt really that bad and that im not going to be thrown in jail for having a fucking bowl in my room?
  2. Startreken

    Startreken Marijuana Chef!

    Sorry to hear about your problem. My only suggestion would be to talk to them in a calm rational manner. Come with facts about weed and be ready to answer questions. Yes, it is illegal so you can't argue with that. The most important thing is to keep a cool head. The second it turns into a yelling match you loose. If your parents get heated say that you are not getting upset or yelling so you expect the same from them. Good Luck.
  3. Damn, wtf is going on, lately I've seen tons of posts of people being busted by their rents (including me). But yeah, that really sucks a donkey dick, sorry for your predicament. My mom was the one that found out but didnt even tell my dad b/c she knows he would flip his shit. But my mom was basically pissed that I had lied 2 her in the past about smoking & that if I take a drug test for a job (since ive been looking 4 a job 4 a while) & fail it just b/c I was smoking weed. I told her I used it so I could get 2 bed @ night since I have insomnia (which is partially true) but she still didn't care. then she asked if I was hungry & had the muchies, lol
  4. check.

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    could you guys give me a website or something that would have unbiased facts about weed? and/or stuff about legal issues with having a bowl w/ resin, like what would happen to someone if they had it on them? im in PA, btw, right outside philly.
  5. porkstock41

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    i dunno specifically but i know PA has harsher laws than NY and most other states. especially with paraphernalia. resinated is worse. but you wouldn't go to jail (most likely), you'd prob just get a fine. but they can't just decided to search your house either (which you alluded to).
  6. marksup123

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    hey, that means your next to seizedbyanger!

    didn't you just start smoking? and you already got caught? i'd suggest a better hiding spot and no more smoking in the house.

    :cheers2: good luck for the next year and a half !
  7. check.

    check. Senior Member

    well i didnt think my parents would ever search my room; thats just not something they normally do. my dad was suspicious because i was burning incense, i wasnt even smoking in the house.

    whatever, my dad only cares cause its illegal. i just cant drive anywhere for 2 weeks, so im not grounded which is nice. and i found out that i wasnt allowed to go to the shore anyway cause my mom needed the car for the weekend. i had an awesome conversation with my dad like an hour ago though.

    im sooooo glad im leaving for college in the fall...

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