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  1. Would it be beneficial to wash your hair with natural aloe plant, i dont have the dreads yet, but im working my way into natural dreads.. so i want to stop using conditioner shampoo.
  2. Koreywithak

    Koreywithak Member

    yeah it is. Also something that will help is sea salt. I remember reading somewhere that also lemon juice? would be good not so sure though. But yeah aloe rocks
  3. lemon...juice.... ??

    i don't know about that.

    sea salt yeah,
    im from barbados, where the sea is always like 20 minutes away wherever you are...but im in florida now at school... so its like 2 hours away :(

    it will be a while until my hair is ready, its too short right now and i don't want it to lock up right now.

    ive heard of the rastas back home using aloe plant in their dreads. good stuff.
  4. Glacius

    Glacius Member

    aloe doesnt clean the hair, it just conditions it

    sea salt dries it out a bit which helps frizz and helps knots

    lemon lightens the hair, but i'm sure it cleans too
  5. lemon juice is excellent as the acidity knots hair, but you have to be careful to
    A, not use too much, and B, make sure you rinse it out thoroughly after useage. cuz if you sit out in the sun with lemon juice in yer hair, it'll pretty much bleach blonde. but in a deep cleanse type wash, i'd recommend it.

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