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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by mmmnuggets, May 23, 2004.

  1. mmmnuggets

    mmmnuggets Member

    TO ME:
    sheeesh..piifff (now you smile)

    shake that off............your disappointment
    after all we talked about..after all those times
    ive lifted me out of worse
    i am a little surprised
    i always felt i was slightly tougher
    every morning i wake up breathing
    it wont always be the case
    i value this momment
    when im dust
    you can say your remember when i said
    "thank you life....your strange and limited but i sure appreciate the experience"
    (now be happy (now)!)
    every morning i wake up breathing... im used to it
    somtimes i consider it
    the warranty that doesnt come with it
    compelled to explain it it words
    (laugh because you know too)
    A note to self reread this and edit out the facts
    and self while your at it...lift your wings and fly
    and self do this asap
    and self....... (and.... exit)
  2. VanAstral

    VanAstral Member

    that's tops!
    i'm gonna email dave now.
  3. sunflowerAlys

    sunflowerAlys Member

    yummy compelling

    it's one of those poems that makes me tilt my head thougthfully :D
  4. mmmnuggets

    mmmnuggets Member

    bump................ im bumping all my poetry lol

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