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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by RELAYER, Jan 30, 2009.


    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    If you have any questions before going into your first trip, post them here please!
  2. I'm going to try acid for the first time and I wanted to know if there's anyway to prevent a 'bad trip'. Because I have an extremely vivid imagination (and it's not always good) so I'm a bit nervous lol.
  3. A-Bear's-Vagina

    A-Bear's-Vagina 2 Kings Chapter 2 23-24

    We have needed a thread like this for a long time. :cheers2:
  4. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    The only way to prevent a bad trip is to deal with any issues you have.

    The only way to deal with some of the issues you have is to take acid.

    See the loop?

    You can't really prevent a bad trip beforehand, you just need to go into it with an attitude of respect, humility, and a willingness to learn.

    If you have a bad trip, remember that it's just the drug affecting you this way, but ALSO that your bad trip is indicative of something inside yourself, and usually it's quite obvious what it is. Usually it's a fear of letting go, often manifest as a fear of death.

    Do you smoke marijuana? It's very useful in making acid a lot less intense, although because you're making it less intense and stupefying yourself with THC, you will lose out on most of the learning.

    Ask yourself, "Why am I so afraid of a bad trip?"

    So big deal, so you have a crappy time for a few minutes or hours. Oh noes?
  5. i agree with that partly. usually a bad trip can be indicative of something happening in your life or a fear of "letting go". but a bad trip can also be triggered by the situation while tripping. if your in a situation where you are going to be stressed for some reason (worrying about time, parents, etc) than you can spiral into a bad trip. just make sure you find a time and place where you know nothing can go wrong while your tripping. and "know your drug" before hand. with any drug the more research you do on it, the easier you will be able to tell youself that you didnt overdose or whatever later. just make sure you are in a state of mind that is ready for the journey, wherever it leads.
  6. Thanks! I know I'm going to be in a safe environment and I don't really have any issues or anything. I've just heard some hella crazy stories that freaked me out a little. XD
  7. neim

    neim Member

    first time tip: have advice from friends not forums. if no friends, then no acid.
    end of tip.

  8. I have to disagree with you here. Everytime I blaze while on acid, my trip gets much more intense. it almost feels like I drop another hit after I blaze. For example, at a party last weekend, and took one hit, then smoked a j later, by the time I got home a few hours later, I was trippin like I had dropped two hits (very obvoius visuals, which one hit of this acid doesn't give you). Other people I've talked to also trip harder after they smoke.

    I do agree with the rest of your post though, my first trip was relatively bad (due to personal issues), but thanks to that trip, I realized those problems and have since "fixed them" as it were, lol.
  9. At first I thought (due to misconceptions of other people's stories) that I would trip bad. But if it's based on personal issues, then I'll be alright because I've got almost all of that shit dealt with. And I'll probably end up smoking that night too..Iunno. But anywho, to anyone that helped, Thanks!
  10. spiten

    spiten Member

    hi everybody nice forum very good tips .....
    i m going to dam next week does anyone have an ideo about a acid/lsd like spot?
    that could be great thanks
  11. rollingalong

    rollingalong Banned

    .you just advised a young kid to make sure they smoke weed to take the edge off an acid trip...in todays competitive weed market you can get some really potent weed so potent that smoking it on acid will send you staight into a bad trip or worse..a hospital...drop acid with someone you trust that is more experienced and you will be fine.....i used to smoke at the start and the end of lsd trips...relayer sorry i misspoke[drugs!]
  12. Lavoe

    Lavoe Member

    Trip with people you trust, people you wouldn't mind spending what might be one of the most profound experiences of your life with, people to whom you could tell anything. And you might want to choose music beforehand; pick music that simply makes you happy and has a strong positive message. And if you get paranoia from weed alone, then don't smoke it while tripping. Weed definitely intensifies a trip, but this can be a very good thing. =]

    Relax and have fun!
  13. After a month of talking, I've finally dislodged my friends fears (mostly due to false rumors) about lsd, and she's pretty excited to trip with me this weekend. I usually trip by myself, or with people who have more or equal experience with lsd, as this is her first time (and will be my second time with a newb), I'm planning on keeping the dose low (around two hits, prob a level 2~2.5 trip. My question is does body weight affect the intesity? She's 50lbs lighter than me, so I'm wondering if I should give her a lighter dose than me? Thanks!

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    I did? Wow that's pretty cool, I didnt know I could communicate advice over the forums without even having to type it!
    And by the way, Im 23, I wasnt even thought of before the 80's.
    Another by the way, I dont smoke weed, and would never suggest anyone smoke it during a heavy acid trip.
    God bless
  15. rollingalong

    rollingalong Banned

    relayer i i misread and misspoke

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    It's kewl. God bless ya
  17. tanzy

    tanzy Guest

    1st time setting...

    I have a very good friend, and throughout life we have been mentors to each other. I confronted him about LSD one day, and he said that he has been waiting for me to ask these questions for awhile now... He has offered me LSD, but I have refused because I felt there are some things I have to mental work through first... He offered to give me the LSD to take home and use myself, in my own setting, and he offered to host and take some while I did as well.

    How do i decide if I should take it alone, or with him my 1st time? (wow, now that I type that, it seems like an answer only I can figure out...)

    I have done some horrible things in my lifetime. Things I do not even like to think about now... all in "child's games" when I was younger and stupid. I knw these issues will come up durring the trip. I believe in a duality of the self... I believe that those horrible things did spawn good within me, like compassion towards others. I do understand that all that I have done, good and bad, make up me... I believe I have overcome this negativity in my past... but on the other hand, every time lsd is on my mind, thoughts of the negativity of my past creep in as well. I know my 1st trip will be bad, and maybe it just needs to happen.

    My thoughts now are... next time lsd comes to me, i will accept it.. and if i happen to be in a situation where I am not in my own habitat, then I will inform my friend of what is inside me, and what most likely will come out. I just do not want what happens with me to slow or even stop his spiritual enlightenment.

    any suggestions on what I should do?
  18. ad10

    ad10 Member

    I would suggest not doing it at all if your going into it telling yourself you're going to have a bad trip. Its not worth it.

    I think in your circumstances it would be best, if you do do it, to take it in a group of three or four really good friends. When there are other people around all tripping together conversation is stimulated and everything is just fun. Not so much time to go deep into yourself.

    If you do it alone, which i dont recommend for your first time make sure u have some friends to call if u do get into a bad trip because it is easy to get stuck in a loop and spiral downwards. At the same time it is really easy for someone to break that cycle and lift your spirits with a change of setting, turning the lights on, turning some music on etc.

    Emotions can change at the drop of a hat on acid. (literally)

    Just my opinion.
  19. Ottekio

    Ottekio Guest

    Hey everyone, since presidents day is coming up and me and some buds have work off and college off, we were thinking about trying acid. I have the tabs already I got 2 for each of us or so I was told that was what i was supposed to take. 3 of us are tripping and we have another friend with us whos just going to hang out to watch us and everything. Im just wondering what the real sideeffects are and what are the serious health risks for trying it. and is there like any key thing we should avoid doing or something really awesome we should do on our trip. Thanks!
  20. ad10

    ad10 Member

    No side effects really. No health risks.

    Only thing to be careful of is where you are (somewhere you feel comfortable) who your with (people you know and trust) and your mindset before hand (if your depressed angry etc. although i dont put too much thought into that unless you have any real deep problems in your life).

    As far as what to do, going out for a walk is nice, listen to some good music, watch a movie, play some games. Basically anything you feel like doing. Who knows what crazy things you will come up with.

    PS. theres no need to make 2 posts of the same question.

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