Alice in wonderland riddle.

Discussion in 'Mind Games' started by flowerchild23-91, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Why is a raven like a writing desk?

    Is it because poe wrote on them both? or has someone got any other ideas?
  2. eshu

    eshu Member

    I love this riddle :)
    hmm I haven't found out an answer till now. (I don't think every question should be answered anyway ;) ) nice potential answer you came upon though, interesting.

    asking this to someone high is fun :D
  3. i just saw this movie yesturday. i have no clue the anser tho.
  4. Rathor

    Rathor Member

    Ravens are oftenly seen as future predictors, the can simply see death, so if they can change it, they can "write the future" and fiddle with fate. Just some crazy idea.

    Peace out.
  5. ~peace~

    ~peace~ Senior Member

    because they both start with the sound of "r".

    end of.
  6. praying4peace

    praying4peace Member

    i absolutely love alice in wonderland. i havnt seen it since i was about 5. damn.
    see noe watch me go to the dvd store after work and get the movie.

    anyways... after i watch it ill post up and see if i can get the riddle
  7. fuck, what part is that in, i havent read the book for awhile. btw, i highly recemend the book over the movie, its a LOT more trippy, especialy the catipilar part, i found it really anoying the way they did it in thw movie.
  8. Isil

    Isil Member

    Because, of course, both are coequal when it comes to brazen cuscutas.

    Psh >.>

    Not everything has to have a meaning, though xD
  9. prismatism

    prismatism loves you

    if you think there is an answer i do not believe you understand
  10. Krsna Bhakti

    Krsna Bhakti d-_-b JAMMING

    if you think that they dont understand, then I think that you think that I think that they think that you think that i think that you think that they think that I think that you think that they think that I think that you dont understand. Or, some shit like that :tongue:
  11. prismatism

    prismatism loves you

    i do not think anything. i believe i do not believe they understand.

    and it's good to believe ten impossible things every morning.
  12. CK420

    CK420 Member

    i belive the riddle is beyond a humans mind to comprehend?
  13. Krsna Bhakti

    Krsna Bhakti d-_-b JAMMING

    I believe in love and all it has to share :)
  14. Merry Mab

    Merry Mab Member

    I met a young woman from Wales online, and we got to talking about Lewis Carrol. I asked "Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

    She typed back "Because they both have quills?"

    Hey, it works for me!
  15. My vertion of the book say the answer is because they both produce notes, and they are very flat. It also says that this was simply a after thought, the riddle origonaly wasnt suppost to have an answer. That was from a foot note.
  16. short-man420

    short-man420 Member

    Lewis Carroll(sp?), the author of Alice in Wonderland, said that there was no answer to the riddle, it was merely a question he thought up while writing the book.

    although the answer "poe wrote on both" is widely believed

    here is a bit of an article on wikipedia regarding the riddle..

    "the Hatter gives his famous riddle without an answer: "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" Although Carroll intended the riddle to have no solution, in a new preface to the 1896 edition of Alice, he proposes several answers: "Because it can produce a few notes, tho they are very flat; and it is nevar put with the wrong end in front!" Note the spelling of "never" as "nevar"—turning it into "raven" when inverted. This riddle was later used to stump a character in Peter Beagle's The Last Unicorn. This spelling, however, was "corrected" in later editions to "never" and Carroll's pun was lost. Puzzle expert Sam Loyd offered these solutions: because the notes for which they are noted are not noted for being musical notes; Poe wrote on both; bills and tales are among their characteristics; because they both stand on their legs, conceal their steels (steals), and ought to be made to shut up. Many other answers are listed in The Annotated Alice."
  17. Hiplikethat

    Hiplikethat Member

    lol the answer is so simple i reccomend anyone who dont know light a blunt and rewatch the movie
  18. floydianslip6

    floydianslip6 Senior Member

    Isn't the whole point that there is no SINGLE correct answer? But several answers that fit logically and make sense. Much like the riddle of our own lives, there is no one specific correct path, but several possible paths. The only thing that imparts correctness is the person whose answer it is, afterall.
  19. it's in the mad teaparty
    and the book is way better than the disney verion and william tenniel has awesome illustration
    though there's a really cool czechoslovkian version that's sorta creepy
  20. tutu96

    tutu96 Member

    They both produce notes.

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