Alexandira Ocasio-Cortez is a result of Trump

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    You reference "socialism", which has no relevance to both the anglo-west and the european-west, what you reference is the centre-left "laborer" party, which is widely-known and commonly-referred to as the centre-left social democratic party in mainland/continental europe, built-based-and-bound to marxoid/keynesian social democratic liberal/libertarian/conservative capitalism, which inculcates regulatory capitalism, state/government/public-sector capitalism and welfare capitalism, using the progressive income tax and corporate capitalist tax to bolster financial welfare, the centre-left to left-wing/leftist "(broader) worker's" party, also widely-known and commonly-referred to as the progressive/so-called socialistic party, which is built-based-and-bound to progressivism, possibly "third-wave" feminism, initiate-and-implement a wealth tax policy to financially-fund a (universal) basic income programme, the centre-left to left-wing/leftist "green" party, which is built-based-and-bound to "green politics"/environmentalism, possibly animal protectionism, which includes politicalised eggless vegetarianism or just lacto-vegetarianism and mammalian right's, initiate-and-implement a wealth tax policy to financially-fund a (universal) basic income programme, all evolutionist's/reformist's/revisionist's who in a 150/200 decades-and-centuries, will become the post-capitalist party, which is built-based-and-bound to accelerationism, split's into "left-wing/leftist" accelerationism and "right-wing/rightist" accelerationism, so "left-wing/leftist" accelerationism is technological-libertarianism and "right-wing/rightist" accelerationism is survivalism, keep in mind that the centre-left to left-wing/leftist "(broader) worker's" party and the centre-left to left-wing/leftist "green" party overlap, their plat-form's (policies-and-programmes) overlap, in a globe/international community/world/planet/sphere, where "greenies" are becoming "techies", hard science (science, technology, engineering and mathematics (S.T.E.M) has supplanted soft science (humanities and social/socio sciences, such as religion, philosophy, politics, law, economics and how they relate to one another), you cure life-threatening diseases, specifically cancer, reverse aging, reverse death, automate most processes, redistributionist policies-and-programmes are realist-and-practical as they become more relevant-and-viable, two-child policy-and-programme, able to exploit raw material's and natural resources all due to space-faring technology, I'd rather discuss objective observable materialist fact on-and-over subjective reality-and-morality, a "managerial state", which includes different layer's-and-levels step's-and-stages of a welfare state, surveillance state, police-state and military-state/war-fare state, even in the anglo-west, each-and-every/any-and-all aspect's of a smart city, but the priorities are fundamentally distinct, in the anglo-west, they're always cutting welfare and increasing both the budget's of the police-force/internal military-force and the military-force/external police-force, whilst it's reverse policies-and-programmes in scandinavia, the complete-and-whole total-and-utter anglo-west think's they know like anglo-north america or just anglo-america, but anglo-canada is the same, anglo-proper, the landmass/political geography/jurisdiction of england/britain/united kingdom (U.K), anglo-australia and anglo-new zealand think they know, exactly the same as anglo-america
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    Yes true socialism is not really the goal of politicians like Cortez. There is just not of language on the American debate on it. A policy that is vaguely "socialist" in principal is referred to as nothing but that by those who fear it. So in a way to even debate it with them you must first aknowlage to them the policy is socialist in it's idea of welfare or tax. To many this is enough to end the debate.

    Cortez is fairly conservative by Scandinavian standards which makes it more amusing when people assume she is so extreme. Most of her voters feel the same way. It is not as if they want to live in the USSR or China. So called "freedom" is important yet so are the rights and duties of a goverment to provide medicine and education at fair rates. A lot of American ideals might just survive though 70% tax on income AFTER $10 million for example. We still live differently than Europe even if we can admire and adopt high tax to fund public services we all use in our life.

    A great way to to ease the burden of this tax is to reduce military spending like you mention. The amount of tax an American pays for the military vs. welfare is tremendous. Yet the right wing perception the same voters who don't like Cortez will never say the Marines should miss a penny of everything they need yet hate the idea of less taxed on their check for healthcare. One is socialism the other is freedom.
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  6. She's badass. I cannot help but like that girl's attitude. :)
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    I would be friends with her for sure, she's got cojones
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    So-called "free-market capitalism" or just neo-liberal/neo-libertarian/neo-conservative white-market corporate capitalism is fundamentally politically-legally-economically flawed, even in the anglo-west, state/government/public-sector regulated white-market corporate capitalism exist's on some layer-and-level step-and-stage, endlessly philosophising on-and-over it, doesn't progress/change/move/regress this, however, organised crime/black-market capitalism/"criminalised capitalism" exist's, why? It comes down to a toxic relationship, where blue-collar personalities-and-psychologies/mind-set's labor as skilled laborer's/tradespersons, un-skilled laborer's, criminal's, security, police, military and sporting personalities, remember the white-market laborer's to organised criminal's/black-market capitalist's/"criminalised capitalist's", the under-educated-and-under-informed or un-educated-and-un-informed rely on-and-over the educated-and-informed or the over-educated-and-over-informed, so the culture/collective consciousness doesn't positively progress/change/move/regress, if the owner's-and-organisers "fully"-"thoroughly"-and-"fatally" automated lower-qualified white-collar job's/careers/occupations/professions/ranks/positions/fields/role (s)-and-responsibilities and each-and-every/any-and-all blue-collar job's/careers/occupations/professions/ranks/positions/fields/role (s)-and-responsibilities, remove the policy-and-programme surrounding prohibited-and-propagated/criminalised-and-penalised/scrutinised-and-stigmatised popular/common recreational psychoactive drug's/substances/chemicals, eliminating blue-collar crime as we know it today, permitting/allowing white-market pharmacies to mass-market pill's and topical administered-based application's, white-collar worker co-operatives would emerge in-and-amongst white-collar job's/careers/occupations/professions/ranks/positions/ranks/fields/role (s)-and-responsibilities, since they'll be next, then from value-added tax, sin taxes and property rates to bolstering the progressive income tax, corporate capitalist tax and applying a wealth tax, will be necessary, besides, this will wither away most of how the capitalist mind-set/mentality work's, then with re-distributionist policies-and-programmes bolstered and a two-child policy-and-programme, even in the anglo-west, the state/government/public-sector institution's already exist, evolutionist/reformist/revisionist policies-and-programmes know it's coming, with space-faring technology on-and-over the horizon, hard science (science, technology, engineering and mathematics (S.T.E.M)) is the catalyst that will see to it, in an automated white-market, education-and-information will still be required, especially for specialist doctor's, technologist's, engineer's, lawyer's, banker's and medium-sized business owner's-and-organisers and an educated-and-informed citizenry/civilian's/resident's/subject's/constituent's, telling, teaching and training/re-inforcing objective view's-and-values/sensibilities-and-sensibilities/opinion's-and-perspectives/thought's-and-feelings is necessary with or without automation, innovation/invention screws the current capitalist business model, renovation/re-invention keeps net profit's flowing, the bigger the business, the less inclined toward innovation/invention, research-and-development (R.A.D) is ultimately anti-business, at least, both anti-big business and anti-medium-sized business, curing life-threatening diseases, such as and specifically malignant, metastic cancer, reversing aging, reversing death, this is positive progress/change/movement/regress, marketised/commercialised/merchant mainstream mass media in the anglo-west is decentralised-and-devolved amongst either both or either big businesses and/or medium-sized businesses, hence why they're marketised/commercialised/merchant, so naturally-and-normally they talk-down, punch-down/kick-down and kiss-up, so laborer's, welfare recipient's, public (-sector) "housed" tenant's and organised criminal's/black-market capitalist's/"criminalised capitalist's" (who they romanticise-and-dramatise, with all the glitz, gloss and glam), the nanny state could fade-away in a mostly post-capitalist era, but as an aspect of the surveillance state, police state and military state/war-fare state, externally and the welfare state, internally, so the managerial state, will plough-on in the anglo-west, european-west and in the landmass/political geography/jurisdiction of the federal/national/unitary government of china, policies-and-programmes such as welfare, housing, education(-and-information), employment, healthcare, transportation, electricity, food-stuff (s)-and-water, security-force, police-force/internal military-force and judiciary, military-force/external police-force, child-care services and funeral services are policies-and-programmes that require financial-funding, like I've previously written/typed, the so-called "war on drug's/substances/cheicals" is a internal conflict-and-war against blue-collar personalities-and-psychologies/mind-set's and the so-called "war on terror" is a conflict-and-war against external blue-collar personalities-and-psychologies/mind-set's, the virtue of having too much material stuff or the virtue of having too little material stuff is humbling, water ("liquid ice"), soft drink ("liquid sugar") and pro-biotics ("liquid yoghurt"), gangster's and mobster's in the black-market to fraudster's and bankster's in the white-market
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    Agreed, she's literally our cultures antibody to Donald Trump.

    And I would swim towards that communist sirens song until the day she asked me to eat my boss. Then I would do just that.
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    I doubt she's that kind of a she. Caitlin Jenner on the other hand, has actual cajones!
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    Imagine never making over 60K in a year and you of all people being concerned with taxes over 10 million. What would be the reason? You want a system in place where you have unlimited income potential and if you were rich you feel entitled to it. That is the "American Dream" somehow I will win and rise above all. The average American makes well under 60K in a year.

    Odd thing to me is when these guys are 40 or 50 still thinking they are Bill Gates. No you have worked the same job for 20 years. No one is going to give you a raise and clearly you did not think of the next google or Amazon. The next product that no one knew they needed and now it's part of the culture. So at what age do they get realistic economically?

    It's a clever brain washing from the elite. They are few in number and if the people understood how they are exploited they would rise up.

    So you make the people your ally. Notice how "class warfare" is such a buzz word in the anti AOC crowd meaning what? It's unfair to dislike me as a rich person or expect anything from me. I got this money fair and square so why don't you get your own money?

    Too bad this ignores so many economic and capitalist concepts that say only so many guys wan "win" at the game.

    Conservatives seem to acknowledge a class system and an elite that is not like them ruling them. Issue is they only see one party and not a greater conspiracy. Like it's always "Hollywood elite" for example meaning left wing. It's never the right wing elites like the Amazon owner. One makes a movie you don't like the other has actual labor issues with American employees.

    Think about it common man. We all see the same problems so attack the source of the problem. No more kings or in modern terms a CEO who is a victim of class warfare since he pays minnium wage with no health insurance.
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    Tom Elliott on Twitter
    right out of the donkeys mouth..
    In an interview with The Intercept the 29-year-old called herself ‘cisgender’ and said she had privilege because she was not transgender.
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    Yet she's quick to cry oppression when anyone on the right (ben shapiro) invites her to his show so she can defend her socialist views. Or when a man holds the door open for her. :smirk:
  14. There's truth to that though. Heterosexuals and cisgender persons, myself included, are not scrutinized in the same ways that gay men or lesbian women are, not to mention transgender people who now are barred from serving in the military.
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    Being barred from serving in the military is a blessing in disguise. Once the draft comes around, all a young man will have to do is put on lipstick and scrunch his package between his legs, call himself a tranny and he's safe.
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    That may be a "blessing' for draft-dodging phonies like the Prez, but for people who are actually serving proudly and capably in the military, probably not so much.
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    She’s a lightning rod for conservatives

    I see nothing wrong with the dancing video she recorded at Boston University - just a college girl having fun.

    Her response to their criticism, record another dancing video as she enters her new Washington DC office
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    There is no point debating men like that. Of course it's a "win" or "owned by facts" to say she will not do it. No, it's just she has important things to do and the debate is not an honest one. She is smart to not allow a sound bite to be taken out of context. It's Fox news debate. You don't allow the other person to spank you yell and misquote.

    It's kind of like dog shit. You don't "fear" it you just clean it up and move on. The socialist views you speak of are defended in actual economics and history. When you have the education she does maybe you too can comment on the topic. Do you have a degree in economics? Her and those that do will see the benefits of a socialist tax.

    You are like the anti-vax mom saying she knows more then a Dr. Both of you have seen some youtube videos on the topic so you are outside the system.
    As for the anti-feminist thing I have not seen it. She seems like the type to just get the job done not blame.
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    Pretty sure men have tried what 6 suggested before. In the old days it was enough to be gay to avoid a draft in theory. They would try that but in times of war they take anyone and everyone. I'm not sure why we judge those who do serve so harshly when the military is hurting for enlistment now. The issue seems to be with how outsiders see the service not how soldiers feel about a trans teammate.
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