Alex Jones Is A Disinformation Agent

Discussion in 'Conspiracy' started by unfocusedanakin, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. unfocusedanakin

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    He is employed by the very black ops parts of the goverment he claims to be against. He is given a very public platform and allowed to spout his nonsense. When you listen to him you do not have the desire or time to learn the truth. He's a test and if you listen you fail.

    There is sometimes a small grain of truth in what he says but it is surrounded by lies and disinformation. Credible people in the conspiracy community for the most part do not even like him. They have to go on his show because there are few outlets to discuss this. They do have books they hope you will read after all. But the interviews I have heard of him usualy involve Jones taking over and interjecting his lies into the topic. The guest does not really say what they need to say. They say what Jones needs to fit into his narrative.

    He makes everything about Democrat vs. Republican. He is a Republican and that party never does anything wrong. It's all the left with pedophilia and plans to send you to FEMA camps. It is so short sighted and stupid but the red rube will believe it.

    It's just too hard to accept the fact that what Bill Hicks says here is the actual truth. The parties are there to divide people. It's always the other side's fault 100% so fuck them we can never unite with people like them. Meanwhile the 1% Illuminati types continue to dominate. I see it all the time now. Nothing matters besides the idea that the Republican has "won". Trump is here and Jones is his right hand man. The fact that they are so buddy buddy should tell you everything. As I said he's there for a purpose.
  2. Pressed_Rat

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    Alex is just another actor fulfilling a role on behalf of his masters, much like Trump himself.

    Jones serves to discredit the truth by making those who speak it look unhinged and agenda-driven.
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  3. 6-eyed shaman

    6-eyed shaman Allah is gay

    Jones is a feral animal. He is a complete embodiment of the negative stereotype of conspiracy skeptics. I can handle him in small doses, but the guy must have blood pressure issues.

    I think he should step down and let Paul Joseph Watson run Infowars.
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  4. Piney

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    Why is Megan Kelly feeding him oxygen on behalf of her new employers?
  5. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    He is probably the most trusted adviser to the current president. Everything else is "fake news" besides what is said on that show. Like it or not he is a crucial part of American politics. I saw that interview and found it interesting that he would not stand by what he says on his show and that he admitted that he just reads things off the internet.

  6. I saw something about him on CNN I think. They were mostly suggesting that the guy shouldn't even be given air time by a legitimate news network.
  7. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam Senior Member

    I've not listen to Jones during Trump's presidency. It's kind of disturbing that Jones has gotten so popular, the few times I watched his show several years ago, he always made really dubious claims, some bordering on comical. I cannot really see what use a guy like him would be for a "black ops part of the government" his whole schtick seemed to be to attempt to sow discord. But I'm not heavy into the conspiracy stuff nor have I listened to him recently.
  8. Orison

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    What a minute man, there's not a free Rapala lure offer in this thread.. [​IMG]
  9. unfocusedanakin

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    There will always be people who ask questions. But they also know that most people will never want to ask those questions themselves and will mock those who do. Conspiracy theories are something that the general public will never care about. That's why they are a "conspiracy" and not being discussed on the CBS news. It does not matter to a farmer if he looses a few of his sheep as long as they keep most of the flock. Some sheep will be lost it's just the nature of farming. The only danger is if everyone starts to believe it.

    Jones is encouraging rebellion, the kind of second amendment stuff a lot of Republicans are into. Under Obama is was the Liberals who are using their politcal power to enslave you. With Trump it's the angry Liberals mad about loosing an election that now will overthrow or block the Trump goverment. Either way it's a certain kind of person who is coming after you. They don't like guns, they don't like the Christian god, they don't like freedom, and they don't like you liking them. Keeping Trump's followers agitated and completely dedicated only to his words is the ultimate goal. In this case I see them using the conspiracy community for that. I'm one of the few people I've met interested in this stuff that is also not very pro gun and in general pro Republican views. The community was already very upset with Obama anyway. And now the Republican god has come along. It's not hard to get them believe anything. I'm actuly pretty disappoint that so many of them despite claiming to take in the facts no longer do it.
  10. Foolishpuck80

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  11. hotwater

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    Alex Jones is a clown but a very entertaining clown. I enjoy listening to him especially after a school shooting or a terrorist attack because his interpretation of the events are so out of the realm of possibility. For instance he doesn’t believe any children were killed at Sandy hook elementary school, all of the parents, teachers, and children, were crisis actors, and the Boston Bombing was a false flag operation.

  12. Meliai

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    ^he has a lot in common with some of our members here.
  13. TheGhost

    TheGhost Auuhhhhmm ...

    These days it's really hard to understand what it is people actually believe or what they just say for for personal gain.

    I remember reading this article couple weeks back, can't remember where it was. Anyways it was about these two kids fresh out of college. They can't find jobs so one day (because the presidential race is starting) they have this massively genius idea to set up a fake news site. Of course it's totally right wing and accuses Hillary of eating babies and people are spouting anger all over the fucking place. So after a while this thing gains some traction and the start making money off of advertising and stuff. So here are these two kids making themselves literally thousands of bucks a month all from their apartment posting nothing but bullshit. And get this: they were NOT republicans.
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  14. jpdonleavy

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    I like his latest one about the child slave colonies on Mars.

    My question is, how did they get them up there in such quantities?
  15. autophobe2e

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    I love this mindset: He's either a freedom fighter or he's in on the whole thing.

    there's a middle ground here:

    He's just another prick out to make a quick buck.
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